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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sad =(

nk gedik jap huhuhuhu my blackberry nyer screen rosak *sobs* one moment it was ok, n the next it just became blank.. the whole screen was empty but with lights.. the red dot was blinking, n when i ask izad to bbm me, there was a sound.. so maybe it's just the screen.. haven't been able to send it in for repair yet, so will try to do it today or by this week... huhuhuh br je buat entry bout the app i can't live without =b so now i'm living without whatsapp and facebook and twitter huhuhuh yer2 terasa sgt bende2 tu xder cuz i check twitter almost everyhour  =b  deal with it now huhuhu i'm using mum's nokia now.. so my plan for today is to go buy tunetalk, get my phone repair, then buy A7X tickets!! woohoo... they're out n i want to buy the tunetalk zone tix cuz i wanna be as close as i can to my M Shadows... speaking of which, i think someone googled 'm shadows girlfriend' hehehe err peeps, he's married to valarie ok.. n her twin sister is dating Synister Gates  =b havn't ppl heard of wiki? hahahaha

owhh continuing from the 'sad' story, my sis woke me up early saturday morning and told me she can't breathe.. i felt her forehead n it was a little warm, and she was sweating a bit..  but her hands n feet were cold.. i took a plastic bag n asked her to breathe in and out slowly (cuz that's what i see ppl do on tv) but she said it was hard.. i rubbed her chest a bit and asked her if she wanted me to take her to the clinic/hospital, but she didn't really have the strength to get up and go.. so i just sat there with her.. my first guess was that she took her meds the night before, with an empty stomach, so badan cm berangin kot.. then after she burped2 a bit, lega sket but still sesak2 nafas n sakit dada.. not so sure why i didn't tell my parents huhuh maybe cm xnk dorg worry sgt kot (poyo jap hehehe) 

so last2 decided to take her to the clinic/hospital (that time mcm undecided sket) then bler kluar rumah, papa ade kat situ so he followed us n we took my lil sis to DSH where they did some blood test and x-ray... agak lame gk la nk tunggu report tu siap... dari patient tu sakit sesak2 nafas, terus die sakit tgn sbb kne cucuk utk amek darah hehehe cm sian gk la tgk die, but i can't do anything.. the nurse said everything needs to be settled first before taking the needle out so, in pain la budak kecik tu huhuhu conclusion? doctor kate just demam, but she had like a panic attack that's why it was harder for her to breathe n her hands got numb n all.. so now she's getting better, thankfully..

that night she was still recovering so she didn't follow us to Jenderam for the last maulid.. ramai giler org kat saner... and time nk balik tu, lalu kt belah2 laki.. pastu cm pelik, naper la mama bwk gi lalu cni, segan kot sekeliling tu laki2 sumer so nk jln pon takot terlanggar org.. then kt towards the end tu, terseperate skejap (few seconds je) with my mum n big sis.. the guys sumer tgh nk salam org so i looked to my right.. handsomenyer hahahaha n i repeated that again and again to my family muahahaha so mama said, if amma xbwk lalu kat situ, xder la inaz nmpk die from dekat (or something like dat) hahahahh  he had that 'celebrity' effect, sbb nmpk cm muke die bercahaya (poyo but it really felt like that) aahhh handsomenye!!!! hahahaha rs mcm nk berdiri je kt sane tgk die, tp giler ke, sekeliling tu laki jer kot... if kt concert xkesah la.. ni sumer berjubah putih n berkopiah n berburdah, errkkk xrs cm awkward ker  =b  

weekend ni nk treasure hunt weehoo... cm excited la plak.. not gonna promise a post about it cuz usually when i say i'll post something, i always end up doing the opposite.. so this time xnk ckp ape2 heheheh ok, back to work.. xhbs2 ngn Volcker Rule ni =( rs cm dh bacer sejuta kali, xhbs2 lg  =b  byeee

Sunday, February 26, 2012


from this.....


to this......

dua2 suami org... err motif?? hahahahaha

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Whatsapp Doc?

i'm eating carrots yo.. munch munch munch hehehe giler.. so today's topic is, what's ur favourite app? i'm sure most of u are using smartphones, and if not have other gadgets like ipad or tabs.. and without these apps, ur device could boring, no? hehehe i'm currently using a blackberry so i dun have as many apps as those using iphone (like my sis) mainly cuz i dun really noe what to download and whether i'll use them or not.. as of now, i have the normal bbm, facebook, twitter, whatsapp, tumblr and a few games (no angry birds tho boohoo), n the most used ones are the ones i mention except for tumblr.. that's meant for pics mainly, but i kinda stop doing that... and out of the lot, my fave (or maybe the one i can't go by without) is whatsapp.. cuz let's face it, other apps i can open it from my pc, ans whatsapp is the one that we use to communicate, n since the only people i communicate with daily are my sisters, it has become the one app that i can't live without.. simple?

i also use it to group chat with my fren but since sorg tu dah kawen n stay tepi pantai, jarang la plak die nk check whatsapp die from her tab  =b  i heard on the radio the other day that we need to get off our gadget n start interacting with ppl.. some also say that with these form of texting etc 'ruins' communication in some ways, i dun really agree.. i love whatsapping with my sisters.. there was even one time when i was in my room, my big sister was in her room, and lil sis was in front of the tv, and we started chatting.. kinda weird but i think it makes things easier..  i enjoy the conversations we have cuz they could be so random at times...  maybe the fact that i love my family so much n i feel that i'm so close to my sisters makes me think that it's a normal thing to do.. although i'm not so sure how other ppls' sibling relationship is like, i want to think that ours are special =b (poyo jap) 

well, they're the only ppl i hang out with anyway, so yeah, being a loner kinda help me get closer to them  =b owhh n lil sis wasn't feeling so good yesterday so didn't manage to take her out for ice cream.. might try again today... n kesian her frens.. they thought of giving her a surprise but xjd la plak.. i saw the cake in the fridge this morning.. kitorg makan la nmpk gayanye.. owh n izad, papa kate die ingat pg tu bday izad, tp sbb golf kn, pastu lupe nk wish  =b esok nk cuti, saje2 taking a day off nk hbskn my carry forward leave.. and then on the 3rd n 4th of march, going on a treasure hunt with yaya, usu n pak usu.. woot!! my 1st time, so hopefully best la hehehe

ok dah start merapu as usual =b  with this blue bird on my shoulder, i havn't been able to work out much.. i really2 wanna start back, just need that lil motivation and control of myself.. i really wonder how other ppl can do it... one step at a time aight?  toodles

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Birthday Shout out!!

i know i haven't been writing for some time now, but just wanna give a birthday shout out today to my lil sis izad, a.k.a baby, a.k.a bojo, a.k.a chalijad, a.k.a charizard i choose u hahahaha kidding2.. Happy Birthday!! u're freaking 23!!! gler la dh besar sgt2... but u'll still be the baby of the family  =b u're present for this yr? ermmm sy blanja Cuci Musical 3 kn? hehehehe cukup lah tu yer.. nnt kiter cuci mate tgk Hans Isaac hehehehe

so if nk wish "i hope u have a great day" tu mcm overrated sket, cuz maybe izad duduk rumah jer or ikot mama gi selayang, n xde party2 ke ape  (or ade ke? hehehe) so blk ni jom gi candilicious sy blanje ice cream die tu since sy dpt gaji today  =b hehehe kecoh.. 

Happy 23rd Birthday
kiss kiss muah muah

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Daydream A Lot

and i think i should really consider a change of career n write books instead.. or maybe venture into script writing... sounds interesting don't u think? although suffering from writers block would be one major weakness for me.. n i always tend to change my story line and also the ending...i think it would be something i'd enjoy doing, instead of what i'm currently doing.. 

what do u think?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


RESPECT is EARNED!! not GIVEN!!  just because u're old, u don't get respected automatically.. especially if u're fucking rude.. do not have the nerve to even think about telling people to respect u after being stupid enough to slander others, especially the people i love.. the way u defend urself is so cheap that even if people don't know u're uneducated, they will still know ur stupidity by the way u write.. how u manipulate things to go ur way doesn't even make sense.. if u wanna lie about something, at least make sure it sounds logic, loser... u're lucky we're a bunch of rational girls who were raised properly.. if we were as crazy as u n be big mouth bitches, i'm sure everyone will be dumbfounded with the things u come up with.. i don't wanna waste my energy on something ridiculous as this and on someone as useless as u.. so make sure u don't mess with us no more, cuz i will sure as hell make ur life a torturing one... 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Quote of the Century

"You even called me stupid in your verse, and I’m almost agreeing, for where stupidity is involved, you are quite an expert, friend." - Franz Grillparzer 

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Goodbye Long Weekend

so this weekend has finally come to an end  =(  i'm not sure when's the next time we'll have a long weekend to ourselves.. it's been 3 weeks in a row that i've worked only 3 days per week... the CNY week, then took 30th off n that wednesday was FT day, n now this week.. how awesome can life be hehehe n my dad will 'highlight' the low productivity of the bank with all these day off we're getting hehehehe 

i noe i havn't blog for a while.. normal excuse, just dun feel like it.. my weekend is pretty normal.. celebrated Maulidur Rasul at Masjid Shah Alam last Saturday, ade maulid n all.. Habib Ali, Syeikh Fuad n Syeikh Hafiz was there, so 3 guru in 1 majlis, quite nice actually.. went for another maulid on sunday at an-nur, n ade Habib Mahdi..

then yesterday did some spring cleaning at opah's house.. her kitchen is finally done, n it looks awesome.. very spacious.. mama made pancakes for breakfast, which usu asked for some time ago... n also spaghetti.. alang bought kfc as well for lunch... we watched the tsunami movie yg ade kt astro first hehehe sure opah xfeeling sbb kitorg bising  =b  sorry ler.. hopefully opah dpt tgk another round since she has 2 days to watch it again heheheh then for dinner, alang bought fried rice for us, but i had leftovers spaghetti.. we watche the Lion King, n ilyas hafal the scenes mcm org tgh bacer script hehehe 
2day chillaxing at home.. maen sims n watched Mr Popper's Penguin, fun movie gk la.. n since tgh malas2, i've abandon my quotes n reviews  =b  biarlah kn, bknnyer ade org kesah pon hahahah so the Giants won the Superbowl not that i care, but did manage to catch the last 5 mins of the game b4 starting the spring cleaning at opah's house.. the Patriot barely made it.. that last touchdown could be a total 180 for the game.. owh n on other note, watched a bit of The Voice with Tony Lucca.. it's funny watching American Idol, n seeing contestants with different stories.. n then u catch this episode of The Voice (which is basically a singing show too) n see him on it, n u've seen him before (on tv/computer of course) it must've been very weird.. having the same start with someone, but ending up having different direction, career wise.. interesting for it to happen (while watching MMC vids on you tube)..

anyway, got this bump on my right shoulder that i need to get check soon cuz it aches a bit, like a 2 day old bruise.. then this morning while jemur baju, my right hand terkena duri, but i guess it kinda hit a wrong spot cuz it kinda hurt too.. it's like it hit a nerve or something cuz i can feel it when i move my  fingers n wrist.. n yes, typing this out does hurt a bit so imma stop now  =b