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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


RESPECT is EARNED!! not GIVEN!!  just because u're old, u don't get respected automatically.. especially if u're fucking rude.. do not have the nerve to even think about telling people to respect u after being stupid enough to slander others, especially the people i love.. the way u defend urself is so cheap that even if people don't know u're uneducated, they will still know ur stupidity by the way u write.. how u manipulate things to go ur way doesn't even make sense.. if u wanna lie about something, at least make sure it sounds logic, loser... u're lucky we're a bunch of rational girls who were raised properly.. if we were as crazy as u n be big mouth bitches, i'm sure everyone will be dumbfounded with the things u come up with.. i don't wanna waste my energy on something ridiculous as this and on someone as useless as u.. so make sure u don't mess with us no more, cuz i will sure as hell make ur life a torturing one...