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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Birthday Shout out!!

i know i haven't been writing for some time now, but just wanna give a birthday shout out today to my lil sis izad, a.k.a baby, a.k.a bojo, a.k.a chalijad, a.k.a charizard i choose u hahahaha kidding2.. Happy Birthday!! u're freaking 23!!! gler la dh besar sgt2... but u'll still be the baby of the family  =b u're present for this yr? ermmm sy blanja Cuci Musical 3 kn? hehehehe cukup lah tu yer.. nnt kiter cuci mate tgk Hans Isaac hehehehe

so if nk wish "i hope u have a great day" tu mcm overrated sket, cuz maybe izad duduk rumah jer or ikot mama gi selayang, n xde party2 ke ape  (or ade ke? hehehe) so blk ni jom gi candilicious sy blanje ice cream die tu since sy dpt gaji today  =b hehehe kecoh.. 

Happy 23rd Birthday
kiss kiss muah muah