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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Goodbye Long Weekend

so this weekend has finally come to an end  =(  i'm not sure when's the next time we'll have a long weekend to ourselves.. it's been 3 weeks in a row that i've worked only 3 days per week... the CNY week, then took 30th off n that wednesday was FT day, n now this week.. how awesome can life be hehehe n my dad will 'highlight' the low productivity of the bank with all these day off we're getting hehehehe 

i noe i havn't blog for a while.. normal excuse, just dun feel like it.. my weekend is pretty normal.. celebrated Maulidur Rasul at Masjid Shah Alam last Saturday, ade maulid n all.. Habib Ali, Syeikh Fuad n Syeikh Hafiz was there, so 3 guru in 1 majlis, quite nice actually.. went for another maulid on sunday at an-nur, n ade Habib Mahdi..

then yesterday did some spring cleaning at opah's house.. her kitchen is finally done, n it looks awesome.. very spacious.. mama made pancakes for breakfast, which usu asked for some time ago... n also spaghetti.. alang bought kfc as well for lunch... we watched the tsunami movie yg ade kt astro first hehehe sure opah xfeeling sbb kitorg bising  =b  sorry ler.. hopefully opah dpt tgk another round since she has 2 days to watch it again heheheh then for dinner, alang bought fried rice for us, but i had leftovers spaghetti.. we watche the Lion King, n ilyas hafal the scenes mcm org tgh bacer script hehehe 
2day chillaxing at home.. maen sims n watched Mr Popper's Penguin, fun movie gk la.. n since tgh malas2, i've abandon my quotes n reviews  =b  biarlah kn, bknnyer ade org kesah pon hahahah so the Giants won the Superbowl not that i care, but did manage to catch the last 5 mins of the game b4 starting the spring cleaning at opah's house.. the Patriot barely made it.. that last touchdown could be a total 180 for the game.. owh n on other note, watched a bit of The Voice with Tony Lucca.. it's funny watching American Idol, n seeing contestants with different stories.. n then u catch this episode of The Voice (which is basically a singing show too) n see him on it, n u've seen him before (on tv/computer of course) it must've been very weird.. having the same start with someone, but ending up having different direction, career wise.. interesting for it to happen (while watching MMC vids on you tube)..

anyway, got this bump on my right shoulder that i need to get check soon cuz it aches a bit, like a 2 day old bruise.. then this morning while jemur baju, my right hand terkena duri, but i guess it kinda hit a wrong spot cuz it kinda hurt too.. it's like it hit a nerve or something cuz i can feel it when i move my  fingers n wrist.. n yes, typing this out does hurt a bit so imma stop now  =b