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Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm Gonna Meet My Future Husband Soon!!!

or shall i say 'see'? just got news that Avenged Freaking Sevenfold are coming to Malaysia!!!!! Screams!!!!! i'm definitely going, regardless if my sisters wanna teman me or not  =b this is one concert i will not miss. period.. i missed christina, but that was in singapore, so it's explainable.. but this is malaysia, n stadium negara so it's a must for me...April 29th, mark ur calendar peeps... xsabar giler, i hope they don't cancel it or anything huhuh balik ni nk layan balik their songs weehooo... i'm gonna see my hubby M Shadows in the flesh (is that the saying?).. front tix will be for tunetalk peeps so not sure if i can get those, but will try to find a tix that's close to the stage... if tix are on sale this month, i'm ignoring the fact that i want to save up for a house heheheh my matt comes first  =b i hope it's as good as their LBC one.. lots and lots of fire.. n the uproar one had a man hanging on the stage.. a lil creepy but it sets the mood hehehe 

oklah super excited bout this news..  sure tido mlm ni termimpi2  =b  ngeng

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