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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Food!!

so last Sunday, we went out for dinner n surprisingly, papa joined too (ajak pon sbb izad rs papa mcm lapar) so we decided to go to Khan Baba @ TTDI.. malas nk gi jauh2, n dh boring ngn Santai so nk try something else la plak.. i know kitorg dh byk kali gi tpt2 mknan arab ni.. dh tu, order bende2 samer jer (sure nk kne ade lamb mandy hehehe) ni kedai arab gk.. yg ni pon ala2 arab gk.. n not forgetting this pics2 sumer mcm samer jer rupe hehehe anyway, we each ordered a meal..

papa tertipu ngn pics, nmpk cm sup daging.. rasa plak, mama masak lg sedap =b

yaya ordered spaghetti.. sedap n cheesy sgt.. yummsss

i ordered lamb kebab.. it was a bit dry for my liking but ok lar..

i also ordered cheese nan sbb mcm best jer  =b

mama n izad geng, ordered lamb mandy each (a must)

the verdict? we would fall back to Ar'Rawsha gk eventually.. even tho mkn lamb mandy jer, but it taste better (tp slalu ade hati nk try tpt2 laen haishh.. total damage was about RM133 for all the food plus 5 drinks..

then yesterday plak, mum cooked one of my favourite which is lemon chicken.. fuuhh yummeyyhhh hehehehe i like how sometimes we skip rice n have a different menu.. sometimes lamb n sometimes, like last night, chicken..  so yesterday we had a quarter of chicken each, along with some potato wedges and salads.. sgt2 yummyyy hehehe

can't wait till our new oven arrive.. our current oven dh braper zaman ntah so dat day papa bg green light utk bli baru.. provided (kononnyer) kitorg kne la masak leg of lamb la, roast lamb la etc.. siap sruh kitorg google2 recipe =b  but we have other things in mind as well.. which is baking!! i love to bake.. it may not be a hobby that i do that often, but i enjoy it.. i thing the main thing that i don't like about it is that kne kemas before n after tu... sgt2 leceh k.. i remember baking a cake with Jue (ingat x?) hhmm then that means mmg dr dlu minat la.. my sisters n i nk try buat Rainbow Cake!! we tried Rainbow Cupcake a few weeks ago, tp manis sgt.. not just the cheesy icing but the cake itself.. so now dh tau nk agak2 the amount of sugar, as well as change icing tu sket.. less sugar n it'll be icing sugar instead of castor..  

our cupcake plak trial n error in terms of rupa.. the layers was so thin it ended up mixing with each other a bit so xnmpk ade 6 layers (i noe rainbow ade 7 layers tp kitorg buat 6 jer).. but colourwise cantek la (eceh puji cupcake sendiri muahahaha) nmpk cm kek lapis pon ader gk heheheh xsabar for our 2nd attempt  =D