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Friday, January 21, 2011

Marrakesh Restaurant

so the first birthday dinner outing for the year was at this Marrakesh Restaurant at Bukit Bintang... papa wanted to go their for months already, so even tho it wasn't his birthday, we let him choose the venue.. since we were having a long weekend, we decided to go on Thursday cuz my sis n i were taking the day off on Friday.. got ready, n we drove to Pavilion to park our car there..didn't realize that papa n izad haven't reached Pavilion before, so that was their first time.. although xsempat nk jln ape sgt pon cuz straight away walked to the place...xpnh jln2 kt kl mlm2 like dat, so it was a nice short distance walk for us... reached there, n the place didn't look so bad... nice decoration n all.. got the menu n were amazed by the pics inside.. mouth watering cuz the food in the menu were very photogenic hahahah everyone had a meal each, n papa ordered extra appetizer for the sake of it... i dun really remember the names of the dishes, but enjoy the pics..

the menu

the deco inside

papa's kous kous and the appetiser

my lamb chop

mama's food (ade lamb underneath those pile of rice, don't be deceived)

izad's lamb mandy

yaya's lamb something (xingat name)

budak gedik with our drinks

doesn't the pics look yummy.. but nothing special about it really.. should be ok if you want to try it once.. total damage about rm200++ for 5 main dish 2 side dish so i won't really say it's that pricey.. but like i said, one off time blh kot.. would prefer Asal instead of here..  it was a fun night anyway...