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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Your work here is done,
You may go now.

scarred for life
it was done before i could think,
and now i'm scarred for life,
i lost control, i wasn't sure what ticked me,
and now i'm scarred for life,
i wanted you to hit me, it'll make things much easier,
but reflex had the best of me,
and now i'm scarred for life,
don't think for a second that i don't respect you,
although that is all you asked for,
i love you with all my heart,
more than you may ever know,
i live life trying to be you, to make you proud,
but that one moment took that away,
and now i'm scarred for life,
out of all the things in this world,
i'd wish to turn back time and erase that moment,
i wish that never happened,
and i'm embarrased at how that past has made me who i am today,
i'm scarred for life now,
things may or may not be the same,
i miss you so much, even more when i see you,
i kissed your hands this morning,
asked for your blessing,
and being the greatest person i know ever,
i felt that you have gave me that,
i never know how to repay your kindness and love,
but i have a rough idea about it before,
i'm not sure about things now,
i still wish i could fullfill my part of the bargain,
i know i will,
even more so now,
now that i'm scarred for life.

= iloveyou =