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Monday, January 10, 2011

What Makes The World Go Round?

into the 2nd week of the year.. didn't do much during the weekend.. it was just one of those relaxing weekend, so it's all good.. managed to go for my morning brisk-walking on saturday, but only did 2 rounds, so it was like 3 km.. went out a bit late, so didin't join papa.. then watched some tv n followed mama to Masjid Wilayah at around 6pm for Habib Umar.. Sunday was more relaxing.. cleaned the house a bit in the morning, had McD for lunch, watched more movies, played sims.. then we decided to go out for light dinner n have Coffee Bean later... we went to Q Bistro n had a look at their menu, then decided we'll eat dinner here n have coffe bean some other time..

i had mee rebus and Raspberry Lemonade (that tasted like Antibiotics, yuck)

izad had maggi goreng ayam with Orange Jiuce...

yaya had Nasi Goreng Special n Chocolate Mocha (i think) n Honey Lime (i think).. didn't manage to take a pic tho.. the food price was reasonable la, but the drinks weren't.. for a place like that, it's a bit pricey la.. 3 food n 4 drinks, total damage of rm54.. whut do u think? the taste so-so jer, nothing special..
speaking of so-so taste, my colleagues n i went to KLCC for lunch last friday.. n damn it was like hell looking for a place to eat.. lastly we settled for Madam Kwan after waiting for 15 minutes.. due to time constrain, i ordered Nasi Lemak cuz it would arrive faster.. n that rm10.50 nasi lemak didn't do justice... i rate it 2/10 out of pity... not that i havn't had that kinda nasi lemak b4.. nasi lemak at kopitiams are a bit like that right?

E for Effort

anyway, with all these food going on in my life (haha), it's no wonder my pockets are getting dryer.. if i only had these at disposable, how lovely would it be... could u imagine anyone working for a short period of time n getting lots of money.. i could.. Roy Hodgson worked for 6 months with Liverpool and got a whopping 7 milliom pound after being terminated... aahhh life in the football industry is to die for.. no wonder i'm aiming to marry one (no i'm not talking bout the local footballers, =p) another week, another game..

sing it with me people, money, money, money, money.....MONEY (form The Apprentice tu la)

shame on u John Henry....