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Monday, January 09, 2012

Thrifty? Frugal?

so based on my so-called financial planning, konon nk bli rumah in 2015.. hutang keta tinggal lagi 2 yrs so should be able to pay off sumer by Nov 2013.. then most probably nk rest for a year, n splurge my money on other things before taking on a house loan (mcm pnh mention kn, but who cares).. tp the problem with this kinda planning, kite xder set much limit on normal spending.. at first mmg la ade setkn amount for monthly savings, but slalu xikot plan.. konon nk spend wisely, tp end up slalu guner duit savings.. my major weakness?? off course la food.. rs satu family kite tu dh well aware with my weakness ni.. asal je kluar, nk mkn best2 (pastu complain gemok?) n if tau my money tu spend on what xper gk.. ni tiber2 tgk dh short on money n it's only been 4 or 5 days since dpt gaji? haishh teruk btol.. take this month for example, cuti 5 hari b4 new year tu je dh 'hilang' duit.. n with my 'short-term-memory-loss', kite blh recall sket jer n xtau lg rm200 tu spend on what.. huhuh xpe2 abaikn..

so even tho xder azam br nk spend WISELY, but off course kite slalu set myself to never overspend.. or spend within limit (even tho sometimes terpakai duit savings).. so if gaji seribu, biarlah guner the whole seribu, jgnla hutang2 guner credit card n all.. but if possible, save la sket kn.. tp this year plak, i was introduced to groupon.. actually dh lamer dgr but xpnh tau ade malaysian version (tau famous kt US jer la).. last week ade bli satu voucher.. foot spa, konon birthday present for my mum n sister.. dh sruh my sis amek cuti on the 30th, tp blom booking lg.. voucher tu 71% off so dpt RM15 for a 1hr foot soak & masque.. terexcited la plak.. pastu ni jap ni br nmpk facial plak.. izad minat facial so ingat nk blikn utk dier (oops dh xsurprise dh) hehehe but we'll see how.. izad nk x?

n speaking of groupon, jue ade usha2 for Bali vacation.. which made me think of our overdue family vacation... haishhh if only kitorg blh withdraw our ASB n guner utk cuti2 kn best  =b  blh x papa? n if kne tunggu izad keje, then hopefully izad dpt keje cepat yer ehehehe in our mind, nk gi New Zealand sbb nk choose tpt yg scenery cantek2.. n plus, izad nk tgk hobbits hahahaha but then tgk shaytards gi skiing pon mcm best gk.. so mama nk gi Alps Switzerland tu, blh la mskkn dlm list.. papa plak dr dlu nk gi Morocco... sbb? gi pasar malam die n mkn kambing yg die slalu nmpk dlm tv tu.. haishhh hahaha but whereever we go, mcm best jer buat roadtrip cm izad buat with her friends kt Aussie tu.. nk drive down the road n enjoy the view.. plus blh stop2 tepi jln amek pic.. haaahh best nyer.. n then if dpt gi Disneyland lg best gk.. kitorg gi time kecik2 dlu so mmg xingat ape2 sgt la kn.. the closes we can get will off course be USS, but that's another story...

kuat daydream ni, nmpk sgt xder keje kn.. the first week of the year has been quite ok to me.. i've managed to do what i wanted to do, maybe not as good as i expected it to be.. but good enough for starters..i've got something new that i enjoy doing.. and i hope i could see results pretty soon.. just gotta keep going on for these couple of weeks n i hope i don't fall back..

ok dh malas nk tulis.. got some ideas in my head last week but since i didn't write it down, it kinda evaporates into thin air so i'm kinda scrapping the back of my mind for it again.. =b  byeeeee


Anonymous said...

Benci betul hotel kat bali tu tak balas email..kata hotel 5 bintang!!! ni yang melemah kan semangat nak beli groupon haha -Ms. Lita-