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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Whatsapp Doc?

i'm eating carrots yo.. munch munch munch hehehe giler.. so today's topic is, what's ur favourite app? i'm sure most of u are using smartphones, and if not have other gadgets like ipad or tabs.. and without these apps, ur device could boring, no? hehehe i'm currently using a blackberry so i dun have as many apps as those using iphone (like my sis) mainly cuz i dun really noe what to download and whether i'll use them or not.. as of now, i have the normal bbm, facebook, twitter, whatsapp, tumblr and a few games (no angry birds tho boohoo), n the most used ones are the ones i mention except for tumblr.. that's meant for pics mainly, but i kinda stop doing that... and out of the lot, my fave (or maybe the one i can't go by without) is whatsapp.. cuz let's face it, other apps i can open it from my pc, ans whatsapp is the one that we use to communicate, n since the only people i communicate with daily are my sisters, it has become the one app that i can't live without.. simple?

i also use it to group chat with my fren but since sorg tu dah kawen n stay tepi pantai, jarang la plak die nk check whatsapp die from her tab  =b  i heard on the radio the other day that we need to get off our gadget n start interacting with ppl.. some also say that with these form of texting etc 'ruins' communication in some ways, i dun really agree.. i love whatsapping with my sisters.. there was even one time when i was in my room, my big sister was in her room, and lil sis was in front of the tv, and we started chatting.. kinda weird but i think it makes things easier..  i enjoy the conversations we have cuz they could be so random at times...  maybe the fact that i love my family so much n i feel that i'm so close to my sisters makes me think that it's a normal thing to do.. although i'm not so sure how other ppls' sibling relationship is like, i want to think that ours are special =b (poyo jap) 

well, they're the only ppl i hang out with anyway, so yeah, being a loner kinda help me get closer to them  =b owhh n lil sis wasn't feeling so good yesterday so didn't manage to take her out for ice cream.. might try again today... n kesian her frens.. they thought of giving her a surprise but xjd la plak.. i saw the cake in the fridge this morning.. kitorg makan la nmpk gayanye.. owh n izad, papa kate die ingat pg tu bday izad, tp sbb golf kn, pastu lupe nk wish  =b esok nk cuti, saje2 taking a day off nk hbskn my carry forward leave.. and then on the 3rd n 4th of march, going on a treasure hunt with yaya, usu n pak usu.. woot!! my 1st time, so hopefully best la hehehe

ok dah start merapu as usual =b  with this blue bird on my shoulder, i havn't been able to work out much.. i really2 wanna start back, just need that lil motivation and control of myself.. i really wonder how other ppl can do it... one step at a time aight?  toodles