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Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Daydream A Lot

and i think i should really consider a change of career n write books instead.. or maybe venture into script writing... sounds interesting don't u think? although suffering from writers block would be one major weakness for me.. n i always tend to change my story line and also the ending...i think it would be something i'd enjoy doing, instead of what i'm currently doing.. 

what do u think?


Anonymous said...

randomly ran into your blog~ hi ^^

script writing! sounds like a good direction to go. if it's what sits in your heart, then go for it, i'd say!

but if you're worried at all, just make it a hobby for now and ease your way into it!

Anonymous said...

Aku pun nk tukar keja..serious smp aku amek mc xnk kejr.tekanan skejap.but tak tau nk jd ape..,-lita-