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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Tazkirah During the Weekend

enough about food... 4 post in a row, within the same day, all about food.. gler ke ape  =b  normal kn? hahaha  anyway, switching it up a lil bit.. during the weekend, we attended 2 classes with mama.. she usually takes us when she feels a need..  furthest i went was at Rembau, temankn mama utk majlis Syeikh Fuad.. his classes are nice, not allowed to record tho... anyway, besides him, mama also takes us to majlis2 that are for woman only which is usually by ustazah2.. so far, went to Ustazah Alina n Ustazah Halimah.. both from Indonesia (not so sure which part of it)..

so during this weekend, attended two classes of Ustazah Alina.. Saturday kt ttdi, n the other kt BU on Sunday.. on saturday we had Burdah.. die mcm marhabban i think, basically poems or syair by Imam Busairy praising Nabi Muhammad s.a.w... the story behind it is very interesting.. Imam Busairy used to write poems for the kings suring his days.. then one day he thought, rather than doing that, he might as well write praises to Nabi Muhammad s.a.w.. i'm not quite sure whether he was paralysed from the start or later in his years, but point is, one day he dream about Nabi Muhammad coming to him and put a burdah on him (or his legs, i forgot which one) burdah is actually a piece of cloth.. so when he woke up, he was no longer paralyse.. i'm not quite sure if the burdah was there too when he woke up or not, gotta recheck the story.. so yeah that's how it came about, n ustazah Alina really loves her burdah.. on that day, she explained the meanings of the burdah..  i like how one story leads to another, n how it all makes sense..

saturday burdah explanation was mostly about the four things that could 'ruin' us.. i can't find the right words, but basically something like dangerous or bahaya to us.. nafsu, syaitan, bumi n manusia.. so the 2nd burdah was about nafsu.. how it's the most dangerous one among all but the one we love the most among all, cuz it's within us.. she also talked about the different types of nafsu, the lowest being nafsu ammarah bisu (kn izad hehehe)  she explained how in the burdah, it mentioned that with all the signs of aging, we don't take that as a wake up call etc.. also the ways to have the upper hand, which is by eating less or make urself feel hungry, and a lot of doa.. hehehe interesting la.. quite long if nk repeat so just writing bits of it to remember..

then on sunday morning was about wudu'.. simple jer, the sunah of wudu' how it starts with niat, and ends with tertib.. the 2nd step which is washing ur face, took long to explain.. n u wouldn't think it's possible at first.. not wudu' but washing ur face could take about an hour + to explain... of course it's cuz there's story behind it... one interesting to point out was how we take our wudu' and what makes our wudu' batal.. very different things.. think of the things that'll batal our wudu' then whe we take our wudu' different parts of the body are the ones we need to cleanse.. so then she told the story of the first sins done by Nabi Adam n Hawa.. how most of the human senses are at our face, i.e. eyes, small, taste.. n that's why we clense our face as away of taking out the sins (ok ayat tu cm klakar but i think u'll get the point).. and also the reason why we cleanse our hands, feet and even the top of our heads.. all that have something to do with the first sin committed which the Nabi Adam and Hawa eating the khuld (btol ke tu?)

she also explained the doa2 (besides the norm) while taking our wudu'... each steps have their own doa.. n that's why ustazah alina say, a less than 3 minutes thing could actually take up to 30 minutes to do properly.. i don't quote this cuz i don't remember it by heart but it does goes a lil' something like this, sabda Rasullullah s.a.w, 'Barang siapa yg memperbaguskan wudu', maka terkeluarlah dosa2 mereka bersama air wudu'.. note to self.. she told other stories as well, n i'm more interested in hearing these stories.. then ustazah Fatimah gave a few words as well on adab.. how Imam Maliki would be the most adab person, n how Imam Shafie learn from him... something like that la..

anyway that's it la... pjg menjela mcm poyo plak hahaha checking my calender to see if i can take some days off if mama wants me to teman her in Dec.. owh and any info above which are not quite right, pls lemme noe and correct me.. bab2 agama sy mmg kureng sgt  =b  toodles..