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Monday, June 09, 2014

New Zealand - Day 5

So before this day, we never followed the timing we were supposed to for traveling.. like I mentioned before, izad made up the itinerary saying we need to leave at this time to be able to reach at this time since getting from one place to another is very far.. but papa kept saying there’s no need to rush since we’re on a vacation.. so instead of leaving the motel at 7, we left around 8 or 8:30.. so we’re about 1hour to 1hour and a half behind time.. ok, to be fair, it’s not entirely his ‘fault’.. we weren’t actually quite ready by 7 but we knew we won’t be leaving that soon so… but this morning, we were taking the ferry to cross to Picton, so we had to be on time.. we planned to leave at 6:30 and surprisingly we did.. the terminal wasn’t far from where we stayed so we did reached there early.. had breakfast there and was ready to board the ferry..

 breakfast time...

Thankfully we didn’t have to take the car cuz the queue to board the ferry with vehicle was so long.. It took us about 3 hours to cross but it didn’t felt that long.. we found a spot to rest and before u know it, 1.30 hours already passed.. we went to the upper deck to see the beautiful view.. the wind was blowing hard especially when we were at open sea.. chilled at bit and when we reached the terminal, we picked up another car to start our journey.. the view of the Picton terminal was very beautiful thanks to the lovely sunshine we had that day..
 mcm buruk kan hehehe

 chop tempat dlu..

 hahaha bored so decided to read.. but the book itself is boring too..

papa main game.. 

mama pon main game...

fiq mabuk (kot).. 

 yaya posing

 same goes to izad

the wind blows so hard smp baju nk terbukak 

Here is where I didn’t put much thought in our planning.. from Picton, we were to go to Nelson which was about 2 hours’ drive.. then the next day, kne patah balik to go to Kaikoura.. the night before, izad did asked whether we wanted to change or not, but last minute sgt, malas nk change.. I think we overlook some things.. for some reason, I thought the ferry would take 5 hours so penat nk drive lg.. but then Picton to Kaikoura was 3hrs, so actually it didn’t make much different.. never mind la, lesson learn for next time.. and also next time, force our parents to comment on the itinerary BEFORE we go there not AFTER *sigh*.. I know they leave it all up to us so that they just follow and enjoy (and that was the point anyway), but it didn’t help that they don’t follow it and give suggestions yg confusing.. sian izad dh put a lot of effort with the itinerary, last2 banyak kne cancel cuz we didn’t have time.. to be honest, 2 weeks to cover the whole NZ was very ambitious anyway..

Oklah, moving on.. membebel plak kan hahahah so the GPS screwed us a bit in a good and bad way.. it took us to a different route, the more ‘scenic’ one.. and unfortunately the slower one.. yes it was nice driving near the ocean and seeing this nice view, but the road was super winding, it was hell for me to drive.. it didn’t help that the road was small and our car was big.. going uphill was the worse but thank god we got the inside road, u know the one not next to a cliff (that one was reserved for Coromandel uhuhuh) so seeing that we reached our motel late, we didn’t have time to go to Motueka, Tasman.. (not having time is the theme of our vacation)..

So, checked in our motel. Ate some yummy muffins and went to the nearest supermarket for grocery shopping.. we bought salmon and I think that night was one of the best dinner we had while there hahaha padahal salmon goreng with sup sayur je.. but that was better than all the instant Brahims that we took with us.. the motel had a 24hours laundry, so we did manage to wash some clothes.. izad and I even had a ‘dance party’ while waiting for the laundries to be done, which was fun.. izad blaja motel that day hehehe thank u izad..