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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

That Little Gerai @ AU5

So, for the long weekend, and after experimenting some 'new recipes', we decided to have our family dinner last night.. papa suggested to go to Village Park (errr kedai Neelofa huhuhu) but unfortunately it was closed.. on the way there, dh mention cpt think of Plan B in case tutup.. xsempat pon hehehe but then we thought of this place mama saw on FB.. but it was on the other end of the world (over k), kt keramat.. but since no one minded, we tried our luck.. not that hard to find, a simple place but was kinda impress by the setting of the place and it's ambiance.. it's small so might be good to reserve ur place 1st.. 

the menu

we ordered some mushroom soup for appetizers (RM8)..  yummy.. yg penting, not campbell soup hehehe

papa ordered short ribs with mashed potato and salad on the side (RM37).. pic blur sbb lighting kt sane sgt romantic hahahah

mama, izad n i each had lamb chop.. here's either mama's or izad, with mashed potato and salad on the side (RM27).. i had french fries n coleslaw for side dish (RM26).. sedap2.. tp xder pic huhuhuh

yaya had carbonara (RM16), which tasted ok but maybe prefer the one kt dave deli more sbb dh biasa makan situ..

we wanted to order tiramisu for dessert but dh xde, so mama and izad has ice cream instead.. for drinks, papa had ice cappuccino which he said tasted as yummy as coffee bean but cheaper hehehe mama had ice lemon tea, yaya had ice lemon tea with honey, izad had orange juice (at least bkn sunkist) and i had apple asam boi (which had too much serdak for me)..

overall, the food was good, the service was fast with no careless mistake or whatsoever.. total damage of the overall menu we had? a whopping RM182.50.. but totally worth it.. i'll give the place 8.5/10.. have no problem going again and would definitely recommend it to ppl.. their FB should have all the details but i don't have a link.. what i do have though is their receipt which has their address and phone number.. enough?

That Little Gerai,
12, Jalan AU 50/1,
Lembah Keramat

012-332 0416 (go make ur reservation now)


Anonymous said...

U gave 8.5/10 before u tried the bigAss burger and lasagne?
Definitely hafta go n try the lasagna n burger.
Almost blesphamous not to