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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Kuih Keria Hj Jalil Limbongan

Oh the horror.. the things we do for our cravings =b so about 2 weeks ago, i attended my friends' wedding at Melaka.. fun fun time indeed even tho it was a short trip... i won't say much about the trip, but i will talk about our kueh keria hunting.. "hello, ni kueh keria ke?" hahahaha lawak2.. anyway, a friend of mine did some 'research' about things to do / eat at Melaka, and so she found out about this place.. suke kueh keria katanya tp jarang ade yg sedap haiihhh

so on that saturday, the history of Kuih Keria Hj Jalil Limbongan began hahahaha at first, we went out for breakfast then rest jap.. then got ready for our friends wedding.. and we thought of going keria hunting first since laku sgt and after googling, some ppl say by 4pm, they'll be sold out... and they only start selling around 2pm.. but then we were already a bit late so went to the wedding first.. took some pics, ate, fake smiles (yeay dpt telur) and then we're off.. we didn't quite know where it was at first so we just used google map.. and also stop by to ask for directions where this mak cik commented, mahal keria tu, kecik je dh 50 sen hahahaha pastu offer bli goreng pisang die.. eh org mengidam keria la  =b

so cari punye cari, we found the place... hmmm ade org tu dgr, kedai tu after pokok mangga.. xknla ade satu pokok mangga sepanjang jln tu kn... jenuh la nk slow down at every pokok mangga n tgk kedai tu ade ke x.. rupe2 nye after tanah perkuburan pokok manga huhuhuhu ngeng... it's actually next to Masjid al-ehsan Limbongan, after a kindergarten (if u're coming from Masjid Tanah)'ll be on your left (if you're coming from the town, then it's on your right).. it's just a small stall with a pink signage... sebelah tu jual laksa.. both sedap gk, but i prefer the laksa kt kemaman (which i might be going this sunday weehhooo)

the infamous kuih keria hj jalil limbongan huhuhuh we bought errr  14!!!

they have a number to call if u want to book kueh awal2 in case they sold out.. "hello, ni kueh keria ke?"

we also had the infamous Klebang Coconut Shake.. line up panjang nye utk bli huhuhuh but naseb baek i just waited in the car  =b  sedap gk, ade texture isi kelapa, but would prefer more kelapa than vanilla ice cream kot.. anyway, it was a short but fun weekend.. i need more of these weekend  =D

till we meet again, byeee