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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Part 2? Perlu ke?

i didn't go to Bali so basically i wouldn't be having a part two for my short vacation  =b but i did hang out with the freaks for another weekend after they came back from Bali.. mama didn't let me join them after the maulid so i joined them on saturday instead.. missed out on Mael Lambung, so xderla rugi sgt kn? kn?? hahahaha didn't do much, just hang out at mid valley.. totally forgot about the laser tag they had there, otherwise blh maen.. or blh gi Gold Coast n maen? no? nk perth gk?? ke siem reap? anyway, not much happened that day (except kne bahan) n also the surprise that night..

Jue's beloved husband got himself a helicopter toy.. semangat gk la die tgk org demo n nk beli (tp smp labuan jer rosak?).. then he also got jue a brand new phone.. die dpt S3!!! Surprise!! Happy Birthday!! kin lmbt record but still manage to get her poyo reaction when she found the phone hehehe wan lagi sket nk terkantoi kn when he was about to turn on the light.. the phone was charging n i saw him lifting the phone up n jue was near him.. mcm nk ckp no tp nnt lg obvious plak.. then he lowered it down n let it charge.. later when jue was cleaning up and busy packing her stuff, nani put the phone in her handbag.. kin tried to make her look by asking for her phone... xberjaya plak.. then i tried asking for my scrunchy.. but then die terlampau rajin, continue kemas2 jer.. adelah bout 10minutes plus kot i keep annoying her with my constant request to find it.. then finally she took her bag n took out the phone and was staring at it i think for a few seconds.. then woo woooo whoooooooo  =b  over k hahahahah so now bolehla die nk whatsapp kt office kn? hehehe 

so that's about it.. it was a short weekend so didn't do much.. now to think of our next trip.. where to go and what to do.. i guess i should think of more fun things to do the next time they're here.. laser tag tu maybe? n erm, korg minat water rafting x? i wanna try a zorb ball but not so sure where to go..mcm fun jer... ok, malas nk tulis dh.. waiting for other things to read  =b  miss u guys..