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Friday, July 27, 2012

Another Quickie

Yesterday was very tiring.. I still don't have the mood to work.. Plus with the fasting month, I get super cold at work, and kinda dizzy at time.. I think my eyes need some checking.. Maybe an increase in power kot huhuhu or maybe it's the constant staring at the pc and never ending strained eyes.. 

Anyway, boring update.. One of my task is almost done.. I just need to get on with the documentation part which I suck at.. Been delaying it for more than a month now.. But now that the real job is almost done, it's about time I get the documentation part done too.. And also another task I'm doing will be handed over to another dept.. I don't mind it, not at all actually.. I just don't want that some other team realised my mistakes if any, and then I'm doomed.. Cuz being confident and sure about what I did is definitely not my situation for this..

Those boring things aside.. Fasting month has been good.. But like I mentioned earlier, I get tired fast.. Wake up for sahur, then have about less than 30mins to get some shut eye before getting ready for work.. Then get off work n reached home tired.. I got off a little bit late just now.. The fire alarm went off but it was a false alarm.. Decided to go back that moment but the elevators weren't working *sigh* so had to wait for a few moments before it was ok.. Got back, manage to lay down a bit bout 5 mins, then bukak puasa.. Clean the kitchen a bit before heading back up then got ready for terawih.. Got back n manage to watch some tv.. Get in my room, trying to get some sleep but I usually have a chat with my frens first.. Miss them a lot hehehe sometimes it drags till 2am.. Then get some sleep and wake up again for sahur..

There it is, the full cycle.. I guess I do get some time off a bit here and there but they never seemed enough (don't they always).. So yeah, that's my dull day.. I plan to sleep early tonight, but early is a subjective word =b planning to wtach Dark Knight Rises this friday but xtau jd ke x.. Anyway, that's all.. Malas plak nk tulis, since xde citer best pon huhuhu


wrote this 2 days ago but only managed to put it up today.. i've been sleeping early for two nights now.. n since early is a subjective word (like i said previously) i slept around 11pm++.. silent my phone so it won't vibrate cuz i always tend to wake up when it does.. catch up on their conversation in the morning heheheh one week of fasting done.. another three weeks to go?