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Monday, July 16, 2012

Hatten Hotel, Melaka

This hotel has a promotion till Aug 2012... so stop reading this and go book a room now.. then come back here to see whether it's good or not hehehehe  by far among the best hotel i've stayed in, maybe cuz it's new.. the interior are super nice, modern style... i don't have nice pictures cuz  we were super tired n went in the room terus baring atas katil n our luggage were everywhere.. but if u check the pics at their website here, the rooms are exactly the same.. what u see is what u get... 

we took the twin deluxe.. super nice beds with super comfortable pillows.. blh tido golek2?

flat screen so we can watch tv while laying in bed... dressing table dh bersepah hehehe

a sofa just after entering the room.. opposite tu ade another flat screen where we watch (or slept through) the Euro Finals... 2 tvs in 1 room... can u say cool or what.. 

the restroom... xder bath tub gk huhuhuh but ade 2 showers!! i love the rain-like shower hehehe

xbyk pics, i know.. but if u're looking for a very nice hotel to stay in Melaka, i would highly recommend Hatten  =b (terasa bias hehehe) the breakfast was 'amaizing' too.. the interior was lovely and spacious and there was lots to choose from.. 

they served dimsum too.. but ade 1 type jer.. busy makan, xamek byk pics..

ade waffles gk.. nmpk sdp tp xamek cuz i dun think i can finish it.. ni wan nyer.. nmpk mcm die makan pancakes ngn cili sos kn? hahahah

short entry.. not much to say anyway... owh, the only 'negative' thing i can think of the hotel (but temporary jer la) was the swimming pool wasn't open yet.. so we weren't able to jalan2 n tgk the infinity pool yg dorg sebok advertise kt tv dlm bilik tu.. nk amek pic jer pon, bknnyer nk swimming huhuhuh but most probably it's open now cuz that day they mentioned it would be open on Monday (2 Jul 2012) just that since it was raining the previous day, they had to delayed a bit to do some cleaning ke aper tah =b  well, that's all folks.. hope u have a fun stay at melaka n tgk perigi.. perigi?? hahahahaha