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Friday, July 20, 2012

Now That It's Over

Now that it's over, i don't know what else to write... it doesn't help that i'm not trying either.. i've been so caught in that moment, and even after 2 weeks has gone by, i could still remember the details.. i've mentioned to them that i haven't ready my own blog as often as i have..same goes to jue's blog... not so sure if i've read it 10 times, but definitely more than 5 for each post.. and everytime i read it, i'm there, reliving it... not sure how long it'll last though and i hope not so soon.. thinking of going to labuan this year maybe towards end of the year.. nk mkn seafood byk2  =b  but we'll see how..

anyway, today after maghrib we'll be starting our fasting months.. the one thing i look forward to this month? we eat as a family, all five of us at the table... otherwise, we usually eat as and when we feel like it.. forget breakfast n lunch on a usual weekday, cuz we're at work.. but even for dinner, if we get back early, papa will eat 1st most of the time, while we rehat2 dlm bilik dlu.. sometimes we join him when we're not so 'tired', but that rarely happens.. so yeah, i kinda miss that, having a meal with the whole family, and just talk.. 

so anyway, not much to write.. just wanna wish everyone a happy Ramadhan.. see u soon?  =b