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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bonjour Garden @ Kota Damansara

After 6 months (i think) we finally had our family dinner outing again.. if i'm not mistaken, our last one was on 13 Jan, mama n yaya's birthday.. so last Sunday, we went to Bonjour Garden at Kota Damansara.. 1st impression mmg best gler cuz the interior is so pretty.. i think anyone who takes a glimpse of it  will love it.. i forgot to take a pic of it, but this one is from my sister.. look it!!

isn't it pretty... but the down point of this place is the "laen dr yg laen" system, as what the cashier said.. i see it something like Old Town nyer style.. they give u the menu, a piece of paper and a pencil for u to write down ur order.. then go to the counter and pay first before getting ur food... i guess it's a normal system, just that for us who was sitting not exactly near the cashier, it was a bit tedious.. why? cuz after walking to the cashier, they informed us that a couple of the menu we ordered were sold out.. so i had to walk back to my place n change my order.. maybe it doesn't sound that bad cuz i could just grab the menu n reselect, cuz mama just canceled her drinks.. but it gave me bad impression of their so called "laen dr yg laen" system.. i keep saying that cuz that's what the cashier said when we complained that the system sucks hhahahaha so what did we get for dinner?

appetizers... fried calamari with tar tar sauce... yummy, i loved this cuz the calamari was quite thick n tepung xtebal sgt like most place...

some mushroom soup... with garlic bread..

papa had this chicken teriyaki burger.. it was so filling, he didn't even shared our food before getting full...

i wanted lamb chop shoulder but it was sold out... so i took mama's lamb leg instead.. the taste was ok but i didn't like the texture of the meat.. shoulder lg lembut isi die.. the side veges were ok but mcm too much potatoes...

since i took mum's order, mama ordered spaghetti seafood carbonara instead...   taste good but i prefer Dave Delli's and Delicious ones more hehehe

yaya had lamb with mushroom cheese steak..

izad had chicken chop.. yummy gk better than mine...

the total damage for the all the above plus 5 drinks (2 mineral water, 1 orange juice, 1 apple splash and 1 passion fruit mojito) is RM180... overall the food weren't that bad, but nothing special either.. good place to try out and hang around.. that night the parking wasn't so hard to find... the place is located near the food court or near Starbucks at Kota Damansara if u wanna try out.. 


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