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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Even though i don't have to, but for some reason, i feel like i need to clarify some things (artist la katakan) and u might hear the same things over and over again for quite some time, just cuz i miss it so much  =b anyway, here's what we did for our short vacation.. as i mentioned that i enjoyed it so much, n i felt a sense of freedom (mainly cuz i didn't have to think about work), it's not what we did that matters so much but who i was with.. as u can see, we didn't do a lot of things people might expect us to do (no huha-huha).. so after reading this and u think, 'heh, that's no fun at all', then remember what i keep reiterating.. u'll never get it  =b

28 Jun 2012
since the lazy 'ol me slept the previous night, i woke up early and started packing.. received a call bout some news  =b then at about 12:30 left the house.. and thus, our journey to awesomeness began (poyo).. smooth journey sbb highway pon kn.. tersesat sket after exit skudai huhuhu but finally managed to get to rumah aunty kin.. it was about 6pm+ dh at that time.. stayed for a bit, then we made our way to Pulai Spring Resort weeee checked in n lepak jap tgk tv.. then a little while later, Sani came.. then around 8pm, we made our way to the airport to pick up the not so newly weds  =b lapar, so gi makan sotong kangkung etc... kitorg terer jln kt johor tu, xyah pakai gps hahahaha (konon) then blk hotel...watched Germany lost huhuhuh

29 Jun 2012
Big day for kin weeee woke up and turun bwh for breakfast.. breakfast was ok, choices weren't so limited but it didn't made my eyes popped out either hehehehe kin xjoin breakfast sbb nk make up (sy nk booking die jd my mak andam) hehehehe lepak a bit, then we got ready and checked out.. went to her aunt's house again jap.. then after friday prayers, gerak gi masjid at their housing area..then waited... and waited... and waited... hahahaha saje jer =b  adi dtg lmbt, muke kin dh bengang but after he came, everything went fine.. when it was all over, and they were officially married, we made our way to UTM ade mkn2 sket there.. then blk to her aunt's house.. rehat jap tukar baju.. then we were thinking of going next... initial plan was to stay in another hotel dkt ngn bandar, but after some thinking, decided to go to melaka terus.. so the guys picked up wan, lepak jap dgr mak shikin sembang hehehe then we drove off to melaka and checked into Hatten weeee...

30 Jun 2012
our free day.. woke up and went down for breakfast weee best2 the dining area cantek sgt and spacious.. sgt bias cuz for some reason i love this hotel very much hehehe that day jalan sket kt either Hatten Square ke Dataran Pahlawan (xsure cuz xingat name tpt tu huhuhuh) what did we do? well, we voted and majority (all except kin, even tho she suggested it) agreed to go roller skating yeahhh  so checked out, n before roller skating, we went n watched this 6D 'movie'.. it's like the 4D Shrek movie kt USS tu, but was for only 8 minutes.. cost us RM15 each.. quite pricey tp gi once je so xkesah la kn.. xphm the story line, i wasn't sure if we were ghost ke ape, but we were basically at a cemetery, and there were ghosts n flying pumpkins and all heh.. when that was done, we went roller skating.. last time i used my roller blades, i was in labuan, so i was rusty.. tgk tpt tu mcm byk bdk2 skolah and it was  like a glow in the dark theme or something.. ntah la.. so played that for a bit.. then maen some arcade games ke what's they're call games where we need to buy coupons tu.. then went off to Melaka Sentral to pick up rafshan.. yup he joined us for kin's wedding.. can't recall when i last met him.. anyway, picked him up and drove to Jasin where we stayed in Alamanada... errr checked in bilik je sumer senyap.. *cricket sound* hhhmm  nothing to do that night, sumer lepak jer and watched old pics of us together.. *sniff sniff* i love fond memories =b

1 Jul 2012
the only morning i woke up during our vacation and was NOT excited bout breakfast huhuhuh it was kin's reception so we didn't do much.. mak andam br smp bawak baju.. imagine the wedding day itself baru nk fitting =s i dh banned mak andam tu.. buat keje bg org stress jer.. fitting baju, skali ketat "ni pakai bra ade span ker? hari tu xder span.. bkn salah sy ni" xrs bengong ke org cmtu.. huhuhuh nsb baek she can fit into her clothes.. we got ready and went downstairs to the hall.. fyi, hotel was just next to the dewan so that's why we stayed there (nk gk justify why hehehe) it was simple and lovely.. pengantin je dpt lalu bwh pedang hehehe i was kinda blurred, didn't know what to do.. smp kt pelamin, parents kin naek nk tepung tawar, skali bekas tu kosong hahaha good thing pelamin atas pentas n jauh sket from others so berlakon jer la hahaha we ate, we hang around, we took pictures, we were exhausted  =b  blk bilik, lepak jap, packed n gerak gi Hatten blk.. kin tinggal, stay ngn in-laws heheheh bye2.. checked in Hatten, then decided to go karok wee but still karok with my sisters are the best  =b went back n watched the Euro finals.. spain won!! raf went back that day after the match.. byeeee

2 Jul 2012
woke up n what else, excited psl breakfast hehehehe after breakfast semangat nk check out pool, skali tgk tutup lg huhuhuh lepak2 jap then checked out.. met up with the newlyweds kt kem ape tah.. went for lunch jap, then they showed us their new house.. cantek sgt2, maybe cuz baru? hehehe but their master bedroom spacious sgt.. xsabar nk ade rumah sendiri gk.. but will have to wait till i settle my car first.. after that we head back to kl... checked into our hotel, jalan pavvy jap cari shoes for jue cuz the one she was wearing dh rosak.. dat time Crocs tgh promotion.. buy anything worth RM200 above, dpt 10% disc plus get another pair of crocs for only RM10.. n jue yg 'baek hati' pon berkata, "ha plih la inaz"  sambil 'ignore' husband die kt seblh tu =b hahaha so nani dpt one pair of crocs yg die pakai ever since sbb rupenye die xbwk slipar.. mintak slipar kt pulai spring, dorg bg slipar hotel hahaha so turun bwh breakfast time tu, die pakai slipar ade love love lg tu hehehe jue had a facepalm moment where she couldn't find her purse time kt crocs tu, skali tgk in her hotel room jer hehehe had dinner then slept..

3 Jul 2012
said our goodbyes (for now) and they were off to Bali.. checked out and went home.. and that was done..

so u see how uneventful our vacation was yet it was among the best time i had.. ke hulu ke hilir, mcm penat padahal xbuat ape pon.. but because i was with my friends, i had a good time.. i usually get home sick, cuz i found that i can't be away from home for that long.. even in Australia, i was looking forward to go home hehehe but this time, i only missed my family.. i wasn't thinking bout my room (cuz dah stay Hatten kn), n i wasn't looking forward to live my normal life which unfortunately includes working huhuhu but now i have to set a new motivation, to bear with my work so we could go on more vacations together!!! maybe xlps gi overseas huhuhuh so we'll try within malaysia again k? i love u guys so much muah muah  =D