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Sunday, July 08, 2012

It's All Over

And so i end this moment with a big sigh.. how lovely and peaceful it was.. i don't really know when's the next time we'll ever get to do it again.. if there's a time i could rewind and re-live it all over again, it would be from 28 june till today, 8 july (minus 5-6 june that is).. the past few days reminded me why they matter so much to me and how i won't be able to really describe or explain to other people just how much they mean to me.. i guess i'm a little sentimental (a little je?) but i'm not sure if there could be anyone else besides them and my family that could make me feel so comfortable just being me.. i don't have to wear a mask or be that awkward 'nice' girl people presume me to be.. and don't get me wrong.. it's not that i do crazy stuff with them or other thing people think i do.. we could just hang around, sit down with each other and talk.. and just that could make me feel happy.. the difference with talking to them and other people? it's not something i could explain.. it's just the way i feel.. it's like when u get used to something, and u just wanna stick to it.. they're my comfort zone and i never wanna get out of it.. we have history together, so whenever i tell them something, they get it.. 

enough with the ranting  =b  ckp byk pon xguner heheheh got some reviews i thought of doing, but tgk la cmner nnt ade mood ke x.. till then...