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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pulai Spring Resort, Johor

Malas nk tulis pjg2 so this will just be a short entry k (as usual).. so our first hotel we stayed in was in Pulai Spring Resot, Johor.. Jue booked the 2 bedroom suite for one night, and also requested the Garden view (garden ker?).. didn't take much pics but the rooms were spacious and nice for a short stay... 

one queen size bed.. connected to the bathroom and also has a sliding door to go to the balcony..

The connected bathroom on the right.. nasib baek the doors aren't see through..

one closet and a dressing table.. tempat kin ber-make up utk her nikah.. yup, fyi, shikin make up sendiri on that day, xguner mak andam.. cantek sgt n nk book her for my wedding plak hahahahah

the bathroom.. ade shower je xder bath tub huhuhuhuh 

the other room has two single beds and a closet...

the kitchen area.. kitorg xguner sgt, but it seems spacious.. fridge pon besar gk..

next to the kitchen area, is the living room... tpt kitorg tgk semi final of Euro n tgk Germany kalah!! huhuhuh 

view from our balcony.. i'm presuming bwh tu yg garden, even tho xde grass sgt..

overall, the place is nice n clean n no bugs like the one kt Cherating dlu.. the rooms also had more space to walk about and the living room felt more homey (mungkin sbb die lg mahal??).. jue booked the place early so she managed to get early bird price.. so from RM600 we managed to get it at RM297 only.... but bear in mind if u get the room at early bird price, cuz the hotel DOES NOT provide transportation service from the airport to the hotel ok hahahaha ingat tau kawan2 =b