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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Holiday Villa at Cherating

sometimes when i think about it, rs malas sgt nk post this cuz i was soooo disappointed.. but then tulis sket2 jer pon jd la kn.. so anyway, i took 2 days off, n including weekend, i had 4 days break.. it was yana's wedding, and as mentioned, we stayed in cherating so it was like our family short vacation.. i have to admit, i didn't do much googling to find a hotel for us.. what i knew was i wanted it to be a good experience for us.. so i just typed "5 star hotel in cherating"... yup, for real.. was a bit picky sbb i can't recall our last family vacation.. i wanted to get East Pavillion, lg better but lg mahal.. n since we were staying for three nights, i find it a bit too much for us.. if we were to stay for two nights, maybe consider kot.. so i booked the family 'suite' cuz i thought of having the 5 of us staying in the same place instead of having separate rooms for my parents n us..

my parents said the room was ok, but i guess i was expecting too much when they called the room a 'suite'.. lemme start with the location of the room.. maybe it was my fault cuz i didn't ask up front, but our room was located on the 2nd floor.. so we had to walk up two flights of stairs to reach our room.. not a big problem for me n my sis, but both my parents knees were hurting so it wasn't convenient for them.. i didn't thought that hotel wouldn't have a freaking elevator.. and then once the doors were opened, it was like, BAM, what a bummer.. i didn't take pics immediately sbb nothing good to say about it anyway.. just took some when we were about to check out..

took this pic before check out so xkemas pon  =b  2 twin bed combine, jd mcm king size bed.. we slept here sbb bertiga.. see the room, nmpk cm sempit jer, cukup syarat utk jalan at the side and the feet of the bed...

at the side of the bed ade this small cupboard yg sliding door die keras nk mampos.. i cannot slide it that much so paksa tolak all to the side then xsentuh dh.. then there's a mirror n a little shelf to put our stuff..

here's the other room.. much smaller.. at first, by default this was our room sbb smaller.. but our parents sruh tukar cuz dorg sleep berdua n kitorg bertiga.. 2 single bed, combine jd mcm queen size kot.. and same thing, muat utk jln je kt tepi2 tu..

and at the side of it ade small place to put ur clothes.. n the right door nye screw tu dh tercabut.. haiishhh but maybe those things are normal kot.. it's just that it adds to my frustration..

this place have 2 bathroom gak but only 1 toilet.. this is one of it, with the toilet and ade shower on the side...

and the other bathroom was without the toilet but ade sink and a shower.. a bit down sbb xder bath tub.. sy hantu bath tub if stay kt hotel.. rsnyer if stay jer kt our room, blh la mandi 5 kali sehari.. berendam jer keje heheheh

then ade random sink in front of our bedrooms.. hairdryer pon ade gk here..

then for the living room, there's a long table for our fridge n kettle n all.. we use it to put all our stuff n junk food..

the tv and chairs and also a day bed for the living room.. mcm xbest sgt lepak sini and watch tv ramai2.. another down point for the living room, xder light langsung at this side.. there's one table lamp on the long table just now, n another light above the dining table, so mcm pelik sket but it wasn't that dark sbb the balcony had it's light so it kinda help a bit..

the dining table where we put most of our stuff... our place to iron our clothes gk hehehe seb baek bwk iron sendiri... ade budak syok sendiri in this pic =b tu bwk laptop tp xguner sgt sbb hotel tu xder wifi.. ade hot spot and it was chargeable.. about rm20/hour if i'm not mistaken so mcm mahal jer..managed to watch one movie jer, Alvin and the chipmunk...

didn't take pics of the pool n other things.. sgt2 xsker cuz i think i was expecting a nice suite.. not something that looks like an apartment.. my mum said an apartment will have a kitchen.. still that doesn't make it a suite cuz that word is so deceiving!!! geram la gak.. n i said, tp die 5 star hotel.. n yaya reminded me that hotel ratings are based on whether it has a spa, gym, swimming pool etc.. basically it depends on what facilities they offer.. hey, my bedroom is bigger than ur gym, lg nk berlagak 5 star ker?? =s  breakfast was so-so.. throughout the 3 mornings we were there, menu tukar2, n was quite ok la, but i prefer breakfast at MS Garden Hotel Kuantan even more... n not just cuz they had dimsum  =b

n the room was better too.. i'll make a short post on that if sy ingat  =b that was the hotel we stayed for the treasure hunt..delayed telecast, tp xpela kn.. bukannye org bacer pon  =b owh n speaking of better room, our Holiday Villa room was like a mini zoo, ade lalat, lipas mati, lebah mati, semut  =b  so instead of staying in our room, we went to a real mini zoo on Sunday hehehe  pics are on yaya's camera so might not be uploaded sbb it'll stay there forever  =b yg ade pic peacock botak jer hahaha sian jer tgk peacock tu.. kembangkn sayap but ade kosong2 huhuhu sian jer tgk...

so papa mentioned about our next family trip where we'll relax on the beach.. maybe cherating or redang.. i've started to surveyed for hotels.. thinking of using Berjaya.. ok ke? hopefully jd n will be a better experience.. kt cherating tu keje tido jer n overdose satar hahaha omg byk giler mkn, cm there's no tomorrow  =b but it'll be sometime before i eat them again so ok lar tu hehehe oklah, thought of writing something short but mcm dh pjg berjela je.. till we meet again peeps  =b

p/s: owh yeahh forgot to mention that it cost us rm490 per night.. we got free breakfast for 4 person for all 3 mornings so we had to pay rm22 for the other extra person (izad la tu heheheh)


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