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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Think of a title for me pls?

went and send my phone in for repair last night.. the guy said it might take 2 or 3 days to be done and could cost about rm300  =s huhuhuhu pokai la sy bulan ni... because the phone is only 2yrs old, i decided to send it in for repair instead of buying a new phone, which could cost me more.. let's say if ade rosak2 lagi ke, then maybe will consider something new kot... but not for the time being, even though dh berangan nk bli Torch or iPhone hehehe  hopefully no more problem for my phone for a long time... if my phone was 5 yrs old, maybe dh bli baru kot.. but since br 2 yrs, n it's the 1st phone i bought with my own money, rs cm syg plak  =b 

only 2 days to go till the weekend.. xsabar la plak heheheh last tuesday after work, we went to selayang jap.. mama nk ckp2 ngn usu psl umrah.. so iasked usu bout the treasure hunt... it was the whole day on saturday rupenyer.. i thought it was till sunday too.. so usu kate, on sunday tu, if nk jln2 gi terengganu ke aper blh la.. yaya dh ajak mkn ikan patin hehehe n if ade satah (xtau spell) nk makan tu gk, even though blh mkn time yana kawen nnt  =b rsnye last time we went out ngn usu without my parents along was time kt penang dlu kot.. or if bkn overnight, maybe gi karok dlu2 kot, xingat la plak.. 

owh n i watched GG last nite!! just the ending i imagined it to be but with different details  =D enjoying it while it last hehehehe happy!!!!!