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Friday, March 23, 2012

My First Treasure Hunt

thanx a lot pak usu n usu for inviting me n yaya to join u guys for the treasure hunt.. we enjoyed our time throughout the weekend n looking forward to next year event heheheh i dun have much pictures cuz we were busy figuring out the clues n all so this will just be a short post..

woke up early on saturday at about 5am and got ready.. we were supposed to be at pak usu's office around 6:30am and since it wasn't that far from our house, we left at about 6:20am.. n surprisingly, we were among the first to arrive.. mcm kosong jer huhuh after some time, brla ppl started coming.. usu n pak usu arrived n we got our orange shirt.. went to change, had breakfast, n listened to the short briefing.. was already pumped up by this time.. heheh my very first treasure hunt =b got our clues, got in the car, n we're ready to go!!!

everyone dressed in orange... and the banner in front of their office... briefing before we start..

our first stop was around Wangsa Maju... we went around the shop lots, and what we had to do was guess one of the store as the answer to our clue... some of them were straightforward.. others were kind of hard to figure out.. the clues were throughout the whole journey from KL to Kuantan.. it was a bit tiring but super fun.. i'll try to recall some of the questions.. some i have pics of the answer, and some of them i don't.. 

 clue: half a circle and a place to learn (or something like that)
answer: 180 (degree) English Language Centre

 clue: penghujung 'Ombak Rindu'.. Jom membeli belah you..
answer: Pasaraya KU

clue: Founder of facebook..____ Zuckerberg 
answer: Mr. Mark

other clues which answers i didn't manage to snap a pic of includes:-
clue: Sir Ferguson new english team initially
answer: MU Net

clue: ONJ in Grease
answer: Sandy Saloon

clue: Masyarakat timur di alam siber
answer: Orange internet cafe

clue: car MD practice
answer: Klinik Wira

does the answers make sense? sometime u'll have to see the signage before u get it.. and on top of the clues, there were other quiz that we need to answer.. some were naming the traditional outfits and some were riddles that were known as 'rebus' or 'dingbats'... luckily we had Google and we did some of the riddles in Women's Weekly magazine.. wanna try some? (i'll write the answers in the comments below later)

since the main thing was a treasure hunt, there were clues we needed to figure out and get the items to be submitted once we were done with the race.. can't really recall them but the 1st one was something like "Reschedule Dutch footwear estimated time of arrival.. let me remind u the right one is not edible" heheheh the 2nd one was a bit longer, can't recall the clue, but we were supposed to bring a Glo dishwasher... and the 3rd one was a picture clue.. three pic.. a water bottle, a stopwatch, and a maid... answers to clue 1 and 3?

 answer 1

answer 3
manage to figure out why?

we only managed to answer the 1st one thanx to yaya.. we knew the 2nd was a dishwasher, just not what brand.. we reached the hotel and final stop right before 4pm i think.. registered n went to our room.. we stayed at MS Garden Hotel Kuantan.. we had separate room from usu n pak usu...our rooms were nice and very spacious.. 

 two seperate beds for us.. besar and sgt2 comfortable.. i love it so much...

 the tv place is also spacious... tp rs mcm susah tgk tv.. so that night, i pulled the two chairs there letak depan tv.. one for me to sit, the other for my legs.. best sambil tgk Arsenal vs Liverpool n the gunners won.. woot!! woot!!

 the bathroom was better than Haliday Villa too... ade both shower n bathtub.. nice indeed...

 didn't know why they had this space kt bath tub.. i used it to put my clothes n all hehehe maybe nk suit the 'spacious' theme the room has kot  =b

the shower place.. so overall the room was satisfying la kn...

i don't know how it cost, cuz we just paid rm100 for registration of the hunt n the rest was settled by the company.. anyway, we chilled a bit, n went to the mall 'next door' for lunch since we didn't have anything to eat yet.. only did some munching in the car hehehe so we had Kenny Rogers n jalan2 sket in the mall.. went back to our room.. tido jap =b then got ready for dinner... thankfully we had our late lunch n was already full cuz dinner wasn't really that amazing.. we had desserts n usu n pak usu ate very light.. the consultant showed a short montage of the race and announced the winners.. there were two categories, one for staff category and the other for the families..and the prizes weren't that bad too.. 1st place got rm800 cash n rm100 worth of hamper.. we got num 10 out of 23/26 (xingat baper).. so not that bad right? it was our first time, n we didn't really cheat heheheh we were quite proud of ourselves k =D muahahaha 

next morning, breakfast was spectacular.. i ate a lot from hot dogs, fish fillet, cereal, turkey ham, hash brown, croissant, some fruits and most importantly..... wait for it...... wait for it...... Dim Sum!!!!! yummmneesssss heheheheh i had 5  =b don't judge me... sorry no pics cuz i was enjoying my meal hehehe then we checked out early n went jalan2 to cherating =) went for some drinks n singgah bli keropok2, ikan kering and dapat gak satar but sket je la.. stop a few minutes to enjoy the view of the ocean.. silau je sbb it was tgh hari...

the sunlight was blinding our eyes hehehehe

singgah R&R temerloh for lunch.. yaya had her ikan patin tp termasin sket i think.. drove back n reached home when it was almost 7 i think.. usu n pak usu lepak a bit before heading home.. definitely was a fun experience for us, can't wait for the next invite hehehehe thanx a lot again usu n pak usu..

p/s: they are now performing their umrah.. hopefully all goes well for them and they have a safe journey...