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Monday, March 12, 2012

Siti Nurhaliza @ Rock Corner, The Curve

Agak semangat la kitorg time tu hahahaha i got my tunetalk the day before from Kin (n we talked till 12 lbh!! gler xperasan time flies by) so i planned to buy my A7X tix soon after that... so the next day, when we planned to go out, we thought of having carbonara for lunch which we usually have at Dave Deli's OU.. but then lil sis mentioned that CT will be at Rock Corner the Curve and so i thought i could get my tickets there as well.. so we decided to go there and after that lunch... she was scheduled to be there around 3pm, n we reached there at about 2:45pm i think.. her posters was already there and there was already a number of people waiting outside..

so to keep the story short, she arrived and was ready to signed autographs.. but at this century, autographs are so all old skool, and taking picture is the new autograph.. so that was what my sis n i were trying to do.. so after some time of lingering there, hoping to get a nice shot, lil sis n i queued up so we could get a pic.. but the freaking ppl at rock corner said we can only take a picture if we had her album.. and thankfully, there were two gents in front of us who had one of her old album with them n we asked if we could borrow it just so we can get a pic with her..n thakfully, they were kind enough hahahah tau mmg kne buat muke xmalu time tu, but what the hell

so with that, we managed to get a pic with her for the first time.. lil sis was the one who went and asked for her autograph n i tok a picture of them, the lil sis took mine,, n she was shivering!! hahaha in between meeting CT and worrying about the rock corner ppl 'halau'ing us cuz we don't have her latest album. she was so nervous hehehehe cute sgt, n i'll never stop teasing her about it  =b  and so ladies and gents, i give u, the picture with a funny story to tell hehehe

n after that, kitorg feeling celebrity jap cuz when we were about to return the old cd to the guys in front of us, they wanted to take our pic!! hahahah xkesahlah asalkan xde manderem (xtau spell) ke ape hahahaha

owh n most importantly, i got my tickets to A7X freaking concert!!! super pumped to go  woot!! woot!!  muke xmalu n ajak mohsin sruh teman, cuz as much as i didn't mind going alone, mcm awkward la plak.. but maybe i should've asked my other cousins first, those who i knew listen to A7X, cuz at seremban yesterday, abang asked whether i'm going n said he wanted to go, so i invited him to join us, n lil sis tolong blikn tickets.. cousin bonding time!!! hahaha 

can't wait for April 29th!!! finally meeting my Shadows... if dpt amek pic with him n the whole band mcm the pic i got with CT, sure pengsan  =b hehehehe