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Monday, March 26, 2012


i've always thought that reading the news is devastating.. and it really is.. some news are so heart wrenching that u can't even imagine being in the shoes of the victim or their families... having lost a loved one is definitely tragic.. but to know that no charges were pressed against the killer is in itself, killing you.. that's what happened to Trayvon Martin.. he was shot cuz the shooter thought he looked 'suspicious' n said it was self defense... although there were statements and evidence showing that it could be true, there were evidence that proved otherwise.. yet, that matter was not looked into... and now the shooter will not be tried and justice will never be served (for the time being).. hopefully the prosecutors can work their way to ensure that the killer does get caught n the jury will find him guilty...

so to honour Trayvon, people around the world (or at least throughout the states) are wearing their hoodies up, even to church, as a way to voice up.. if u read up on the story, u'll learn that Trayvon was shot cuz some guy thought he looked suspicious, what with walking with a hoodie under the rain and having his hands in his pockets... that still doesn't justify his action.. i could just pray that this doesn't happen to anyone i know..