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Thursday, April 01, 2010

I'll always love you till there's no more me

it's been a year already... i do still think of him sometimes... i remember the emotions i felt that day... how overwhelming they were... how hard i cried n how short each breath was.. i guess the thing that i miss most about him is his pressence itself.. i guess that's the only thing u can't have back.. u can look back at pictures n remember how he looks like.. or watch old videos to hear his voice.. but it's the moment when u're in a room with him, in his presence, that's special... maybe it's not just him... it's evrybody, anybody that u lost... sometimes i live in fear of knowing whut will eventually happen.. i can't really prepare myself for that.. the people i love most, dearest to me... it just hurts sometimes.. n i feel dumb of even thinking about it in the first place.. but it's inevitable, i just can't help it..

i miss u