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Monday, February 22, 2010

much better weekend

i have no idea why this is a seperate post.. only the birthday shout out was supposed to be separated.. but anways, on another note, after my lil outburst, i had a rather better week compare to the previous one.. played sim3 again friday night, woke up d next morning n had breakfast.. watched some tv a bit n played sims again i think, then around 2pm got ready for the astro fest.. usually we only sit at the table n get food but the was a different agenda on astro's mind i guess n tables we're scattered.. i wasn't prepare for this n wore my heels which made things worst.. it was sumwhut boring.. bt mr. spotty made it worth it.. shout out to mr spotty!! he's basically a kids entertainer.. we ate a bit n checked out whut other stuff they had there..went back around 6pm where it started to rain... was still hungry when we got back but waited till late night to grab a bite.. in the meantime, more sims!! hahaha izad's new laptop went a bit kookoo after a week n we had to send it for repair after CNY so we decided on sunday.. so we had to play all the way before it's admitted to the hospital for laptops =b

sunday was a different story.. yaya n i went to kolej komuniti selayang to do some baking for was fun.. they had big oven.. it's soo cool.. aina n norain was there too.. so we baked 2 batch of cookies n also did muffins... 5 flavours altoghether, strawberry, chocolate, banana, orange and coffe... tasted ok cuz i dun usually indulge in other flavour besides choc n vanilla.. n i only do original banana n not the flavouring only.. but the texture was nice... very moist... we're supposed to do about 2000 cookies n 500 muffins but didn't have the time.. really wish dat i could take a day off n help out but starting tomorrow, tings might get busy, plus i have 3 fullday meetings in line for this week... so i can't possibly take a day off now... anyway, went back almost 6pm, even tho we promised izad to try n get back a bit early.. went to send her aptop at OU n baught Subway for dinner.. watched Spy Next Door, wasn't really dat good.. but overall, i had a fun weekend.. i think better than the long weekend last week...

can't wait to hang out with all the cuzzies this week, when sara's getting married yeay!!