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Friday, February 12, 2010


so CNY is just around the corner and i'm sitting here staring at the clock till it strikes 4:45pm... FREEDOMN!! can't wait for the long weekend.. dun really have anything planned to do.. but bowling would be a must..couple of movies perhaps.. whutever it is, can't wait 2 get out of here... nothing much to do at the moment.. still being paid to surf the net hahah well, i took my first e-learning just now on islamic banking.. didn't pay attention during the induction program so i basically missed out a lot... the 1st half of it was a bit interesting.. did learn a thing or two.. den it was a bit dry... thought of going thru it a 2nd time to at least put some effort in it.. might be better, it mentioned bits bout islamic products.. i browsed a bit to see whut other topics they had.. kinda sux dat they dun have e-learning on treasury & derivatives cuz i think that could help me more on understanding whut we do here in MRG... on another note, my boss would be resigning soon.. so he's currently packing his stuff n tidying up his desk.. his cubicle is actually in front of me, just to mention.. i just baught a Parker Pen for him on behalf of the others since Hani would be busy during the weekend.. at least i had an excuse to have lunch at KLCC.. they planned to hand him the gift during dinner the following week after CNY.. wherever we choose to go, i hope they serve halal dimsum.. been craving for it..remember the last time i ate was two years ago i think at Le Maridien or however u spell it.. it's a bit tough determining whether it's halal or not n my mum's kinda picky about it...

Astro Fest will be held soon too... told my aunt to get passes for us.. it's kinda like an anual thing for us i guess... been atttending since 6 or 7 yrs ago n so far, i dun think we've skipped a year before... it's basically a carnival for Astros' employees n since my aunt works there, she could get passes for guest...there are games n performances n such.. but i literally go there for the food... for years i've been praying that they serve dim sum cuz i only get that the 1st time we went, then the following year, sumhow it was omitted from the menu *sobs* they had yee sang (not sure if dat was right) but it wasn't the same... so everyyear i kinda hope in vain... but they made it up wif lamb tho... it just gets crowded sumthimes which is the low point for the whole thing... have to remember to bring a long my hand fan since it'll be damn hot there n i dun think i could bear being all sweaty like dat *bleak*

running outta things to say... n it's only 4:08... luckily i had that 2hrs lunch break or this day would seem longer than it already is... owh yeah i watched Percy Jackson last night with the usuals... kinda a cool story.. havn't heard of the book tho cuz it wasn't really my cup of tea.. got me interested to read bout the Greek Gods, other than whut i noe from watching Hercules...

*Uh guys, Olympus would be that way.. Zues!! Zues!!*