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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fabulous Night, Emotional Week and a Good Relaxing Weekend..... (part 2)

i feel so tired, i just wanna sleep today.... anyway, continuing from the previous post, would be the fabulous night i had on Friday.. fabulous ke? ok la gak, it was the annual dinner and was a fun night indeed... i'm gonna snoop around later for pics to 'steal' cuz i didn't have a camera, n my bb pics are a lil low quality cuz of the lighting... so the day started off rather normally.. i did some testing on the new system and there was minimal differences about 0.01% so that's a huge accomplishment.. just hoped that the other products would have the same result.. when office hour is done, we chilled a bit before we changed.. as i didn't manage to buy something new, i just wore my old clothes.. the days out with my sisters when i planned to buy something didn't really result in anything except for THEM BUYING NEW CLOTHES INSTEAD OF ME... hahaha motif nk capitalise sumer?? so we changed n got ready for the night... i followed kak suzy and haiza n hani followed wahidah.. ady was wif sharul n aja xgi... luckily there was one seat left kt meja hani, cepat2 gi msk n cari meja 9 after sign in tu... so at the table was ady, me, haiza, hani, wahidah, sharul n another 4 ppl from ORM i think..

the event opened with the boring part, speeches from the top management.. luckily it was kept short cuz i was already starving.. then the opening performance was by some bunch of boring dancers called Era fazira Dancers if i'm not mistaken.. u see, if u're supposed to be a professional dancer, u're standards must be a bit higher.. i'm not sure if they have other events to perform at, or if they lack the time to practise, but i dun really appreciate the whole performance... the steps were too simple for them (which didn't stop them from messing up) n they didn't do a whole lot of entertaining by being there.. they just made me feel worse of having to endure it... ok, maybe i'm being too critical as i might've compare them to other professional dancers from shows like So You Think You Can Dance (not the malaysia version) and also American Best Dance Crew a.k.a ABDC (remember Jabbawockeez or Quest Crew or Poreotix?? well if u haven't heard of 'em, try youtubing them n watch them perform.. now that's what i call entertainment...) so after that was dinner time.. we knew the line would be super long for the buffet so we decided to have desserts first instead.. they served bread pudding which was ok.. n only after dat we had dinner... i took spaghetti (not that yummy), lamb, chicken n fish (all so-so) n some vege (surpricingly the thing i like most on my plate) it was steamed brocolli, couliflower and carrots with butter/white souce (ntah la tp sedap).. was thinking of having a second serving but was already stuffed...

followed up was the Maybank Idol performance.. arif from MRM was one of the participants... i think as a competition, they should filter the contestant (that's what the previous audition was for rite?) n maybe have only 5 ppl competing instead of 9.. i dun't think they'll have a tough job at that cuz they all sound...erm.. different?? hehehe so it felt like ages before all the contestants were through, n i thought the best performance was by far one from some datuk, mainly cuz he sang an oldies n it was the most soothing song amongst was a bummer that he didn't win tho...then there were awards to be given out for those who serves maybank more than 10 years, 20 years n even 30 years... papa only made it to 20 years.. still have the gold thingy to prove it hehehe

next were perfomances by sectors.. there was 4 altogether and i'd say the most entertaining thing of the night... there were dancing, sketches etc.. then prizes to the lucky draw winners were given out.. i won the consolation prize which was a flask... ok la buat kenangan hahahaha then the top management had to perform 2 songs, n they announced the winner for Maybank Idol... i didn't drive dat day despite already having a car, n i didn't thought of getting a ride from anyone so i told my sisters to fetch me up later... with how the night went, i told them to come at 10:30pm, but then there were the performance and things got a lil' more interesting n suddenly it was already 10:10pm.. i texted my sister to tell her to give me a call before they're out of the house but turns out that they were already on the way..

another bummer for the night was dat i made them wait for an hour in the car (sorry sgt2, i noe waiting is such a hazzard) n i only left when the Maybank Idol sang another round *ears bleed*... i found out later that there was another performance after that where the CFO played the drums n the CEO sang (well judging from the pictures, it seemed like it).. so pics will be up soon... managed to curi some from ady, n will try to filter later... penat sgt.. these couple of days has been tiring in the office dat i dun have the time to update here n too tired to update at home... anyway, hope everyone have a great weekend..

today is actually 19/11/2010 so we're one week behind... will be going to the Zoo tomorrow for CSR... hope that'll be fun...