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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Death Unite Us

it's been a long weekend, i'm super exhausted (have i never?).. went back to PD on Friday n Saturday... then papa got a text from Aunt Gee saying dat Pak Ngah Talib is in DSH again.. at first i thought it was one of his usual check up routine cuz we visited him several times before through out his relapse.. so we head back that evening n went to the hospital straight away... i was shocked to see Faris, Khair n Azim reading the Yassin.. i saw Pak Ngah n he was so thin, n i knew this was not his regular check up..
i'm not sure if he'd taken any morphin at that time, but he seems a lil' out of space..falling in and out of sleep i supposed.. then a few other family members came n we hang out till before Maghrib.. we went back to freshen up, then cuz papa n yaya didn't wanna follow us, mama, izad n i went to Ayob for dinner.. then mama dropped us at DSH again where papa was... Pak Ngah looked a lil better then.. he was holding his phone, n even asked for papa's hp num =) so we chilled there for a bit n went home... the next day, we sisters skipped the hospital.. mama had class n papa went to DSH.. we were actually thinking of going to OU to go shopping for my dinner outfit but we didn't have a car so we spent the whole day at home playing Sims off course...
then, along came Monday... as i mentioned earlier, i had to sign some agreement papers for my car, so i already took a day off... but that morning, right before 6am, mama woke us up telling us dat she's going to the mosque to look for papa cuz Maksu Wati called to let us noe dat Pak Ngah wasn't doing very well n Mak Ngah was crying.. so i might need to send Yaya n Izad to work.. then Izad wanted to follow mama.. yaya got up n got ready for work n when she's done showering, i decided to get up early n after sending yaya to the station, i might drop by the hospital later... i was in the shower when mama told me to send her to DSH cuz she went back to pray first... so to keep this short, i sent here there, went back to pick up yaya n she said she took EL, so ok, then we both went to DSH.. when we arrived there, Pakngah's eldest sister was sobbing... my heart began to hurt then... Pakngah looked so weak, exactly like how Tokcik looked the day he passed.. it all happened so quick.. Kak Ana came a few minutes later n Abg An whispered something to Pakngah... i guess there was some dispute previously between them but it all didn't matter now.. then the nurse came in to take his blood pressure.. then i saw Izad shaking her head as a no sign... mama said that they noticed he stopped breathing or something like dat, n the nurse came just to reconfirm.. then the doctor came to announce the time of death which was about 7:30am.. my heart sank when i saw Makngah n Tokcik..
the rest were making plan on the neccessary.. we went for breakfast later n head home.. Aunt Gee called later to say that no one was at the hospital to accompany the jenazah so they asked if papa could be there... papa n i went to DSH later n the ppl there were preparing the jenazah car to bring pakngah to the surau at Selayang... i drove Makngah to selayang when all was settled... i didn't noe what to say to her that could make her feel better, so we drive in silence.. when we reached there, a few other realtives had arrived.. at around 10, the jenazah arrived at the surau.. DSH didn't mandikn jenazah so it had to be done at the surau.. we went to the surau, bacer yassin n sembahyang jenazah.. then we head out to the cemetary.. same place where arwah tokcik was burried.. n the way there was still the same.. road in bad condition with burned cars on both sides.. but when u reach the top, there's this beautiful view waiting for u with a lake n all... it's kinda like a metaphor, there'll be no upside without a downside.. go through the bad n only then u'll see the good.. whutever..
work was done quite quickly cuz when we arrived, they were already half way done.. it help that it didn't rain that day.. cuz during arwah tokcik's burial, the soil was hard to shovel, so it slowed things down.. can't really recall how arwah uncle baje burial went cuz it was raining heavily... even an umbrella won't do u no good cuz we were soaking when it was over... everything went smoothly, thank God.. when the burial was over, we said our prayers n even sedekahkn Fatihah to Tokcik.. den we went back to selayang and i ate nasi lemak AND roti canai... i was hungry ok so don't judge me =b had my appointment delayed to 2pm, so my dad n i head back to TTDI.. papa was hungry n didn't noe that there were food at selayang so we went to Mosen for papa's lunch n straight away head to Perodua TTDI.. it only took several minutes, even less than 30 mins, to sign the docs.. it help that i didn't read anything n just signed away, but papa was there, so i think i'm covered... when all was settled, we head back home...
sempat la sambung maen sims blk tu, then showered cuz kenduri tahlil will start after Isyak.. got ready n went to Selayang.. just like b4, org surau mentioned that we dun need to prepare dinner for them, so they just bought some food for relatives... Izad had nasi ayam n shared with yaya.. i had, erm.. nasi lemak... owh wait, make that TWO nasi lemak.. yes, i ate A LOT.. n again, don't judge me =b anyway, read Yassin later n hung out for a while... we went home early n will be going again hiopefully later today (if sempat la), we'll see...
how on earth did Arsenal lost to Newcastle n the Red beat Chelsea?!??