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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Best Chicken Rice in the World. Period.

forget about the Chicken Rice Shop... or maybe Singapore Chicken Rice that i loved so much... forget about Linda Onn's My Mum's Chicken Rice (or sumthing like dat).. n u should definitely forget about KFC Chicken Rice (sgt xori ok)...

what u should be looking for would be The Best Chicken Rice in The World made by my mum (trying not to use Linda's shop name here, but it literally means the same).. i tried to make it once or twice when mama was away for umrah or haji, n the results was ok la (i pandai masak k... just jarang jer hahahaha) so i went home last night to a very delicious meal.. too bad i was full yesterday, so i didn't manage to eat as much as i'd like to..imagine i had mee hun for breakfast, then yee mee goreng for lunch.. bought goreng pisang, den went back to eat nasi ayam.. see how stuffed i was...

couldn't wait to it so this was a quick snappy... bottom right is tofu which we dun usually eat with chicken rice itself, but maybe mama felt like having some that day... super yummy, by far the best i had, not just cuz mama made it..

sleepy, while trying to catch Gossip Girl.. why is it streaming so slow?!?!