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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

El Clasico

so did anyone stayed up last night or woke up early to watch the match?? i had planned to wake up a tee bit early to ctach the 2nd half but i slept through heheheh anyways, 3 cheers to Barca for defeating Madrid.. i've always despise C Ronaldo n will always will...Another Daydream may started out about him, but i didn't manage to finish it n in my head, it ended up being just another footballer.. 5-0 is a good score.. i just wished it was more.. maybe 11-1 like what happened in 1934 or sumthing.. hope they win again at Bernabeu... that would be awesome n a smack in the head for C Ronaldo.. yes, only him.. i dun dislike Madrid.. in fact, i used to be so-so with them (i dun watch football other than EPL).. i dun hate them for buying star players (hate is such a strong word) like what Man City are currently doing... but i wasn't a fan either.. they used to have Ronaldo (the Brazilian), Zidane, Raul, Beckham n Owen (boohoo).. now they have a few ppl that i've heard of, especially those new players under Morinho like Alonso (boohoo again), Mesut Ozil n off course Kaka... but i started hating them when they bought C Ronaldo for a whopping 80 million.. not sure in what currency that was but it was a new record n i hate if a record is associated with him...
lets stop talking bout him ok.. lets make this post about Barca trashing C Ronaldo.. i mean Madrid hahaha well Thierry Henry used to be in Barca anyway, that's why my heart is more towards that club (eceh) since i'm a Gooner, n he was the star for Arsenal at that time, i tend to follow him a bit... (just like how my lil sis n Ilyas follow Owen hahaha) unfortunately he transfered to the Red Bulls.. why on earth would a footballer wants to play for a US team??? they don't really excel in football (or in their term, soccer).. i dun think u could really shine there.. unless that's not really ur intention.. now that he's gone, i still prefer Barca than Madrid tho.. Messi being the top player (not that i've seen him play that much) is in that club n in a way ppl are comparing the two of them so i'm on Team Messi!!!
not sure when their next match is... Spanish League is always playing late in Malysia time so havn't really catch any of the matches.. but will surely root for Barcelona in my sleep =D