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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Two days in a row

was not a good idea.. mainly cuz i had the same flavours i ate the day before.. should've waited for next week when they have new flavours... whut am i talking about?

Tutti Frutti off course... too bad that Zain's franchise is in Bangsar instead of TTDI, otherwise i'll be doing him a big favour heheheh it's so convenient to go to the one in TTDI n i dun feel like driving 5 mins just to get some froyo, especially when it's tkae-away... anyway the above flavour was from the previous day.. i took Green Apple, Strawberry and Kiwi.. didn't like Kiwi that much so when i went again last night, i only took Green Apple n Strawberry... my fave flavours so far are Grape n Green Apple... super yummy... even mama pon sker... senyum2 bler kitorg bwk blk hehehe but last night i bought ourselves the small cup instead of the medium size we usually take... baru la blh dpt 1 cup less than rm8 hehehe

Owh got some good news this morning... MY CAR IS HERE!!!! woot!! unfortunately i'm already at work today n tomorrow is a public holiday, so i'll need to sign papers and everything else on Monday n will only be getting my car then... what a bummer, to think that my precious is just a few blocks away from me but unable to get it... owh well, at least the salesman kept his word last week (finally!!) when he said the car will arrive next week.. i hope i could get a day off, otherwise MC je la kn? *cough cough* can't wait, can't wait, can't wait hahahaha why do i get the feeling that a new fb profile pic is coming soon.. so anyway, i'll be going back to PD (xoverseas mcm org tu =b) hope that everyone will have a good long weekend ahead.. Happy Deepavali to all...



CIK NANA said...

Overseas la sangat!