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Monday, November 29, 2010

Just A Thought

sitting alone in the dark,
thinking bout the times that we were apart,
we've grown a lot over the years,
we've laughed together and even shed some tears,
but now i feel like i no longer know you,
even after the things that we've been through,
we have changed and became different individuals,
we're now two strangers in a silent denial,
the bond may still be there,
but it may be broken for all i care,
the effort i put may never be enough,
for you to cherish or for you to love,
and now i've stopped trying and i've seen you have too,
we act like nothing has happened but i know just as much as you do,
that things will never be the same again,
this is one thing that time cannot mend,
for time is all that we had all along,
time is what made this relationship so wrong,
and now here we are, two strangers in this crowded room,
looking at each other, knowing this relationship is doom,
all it takes is that one tiny little step,
but we never took it for we know the depth,
the silent that may follow after that awkward greet,
the sorrow that may follow after that silent weep,
so we stood there, two strangers, and strangers we'll forever be,
and so i stood there, thinking of you and me.