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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Boom Baby.. A-ha a-ha a-ha

a round of applause if u can name what movie that line is from =D

so if u think i got excited when the guy from Perodua called to tell me that my car is here (woot!!), imagine how ecstatic i was when my mum posted WUL 7568 on my fb page.. double Woot!! well yeah i officially, for real n physically got my car today!!! *do the noodle dance* my dad went to pick it up just now i guess, i ask him later.. i still havn't seen it, havn't hug it.. havn't kiss it... i don't even have my fingerprint on it.. hahaha over gler... tau2 =b so yaya will be out to karok with her frens, n i'll be picking her up later in my new car weee.. nervous la plak...

Were u this excited when u got ur 1st car?


tempe said... first car i also excited but i dont hv a licence to how?

amethyst said...

so get a licence quickly then blh double excited lg... den kiter blh racing muahahaha

CIK NANA said...

ady beli myvi pink kah??
my 1st car, was also excited.
tp sbb tgh sarat preggy, so I just let hubby drive.. Till now..
Akan lebih happy kalau leh beli myvi pink!