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Monday, November 01, 2010

What's Your Favourite Scary Movie?

one liner from the Scream..

so what were u dressed up for Halloween as? i didn't have a lot of time to think for my costume so i decided to be Shafinaz for the day... it's the most simple thing that i could come up with.. didn't go trick or treating tho...but was tempted to buy a pumpkin n carve my very own Jack O Lantern (as if)..

anyway, in the spirit of Halloween, there were loads of 'scary movies' shown on TV.. owh, and Saw is out (never got a hang of that movie), n so is Paranormal Activity 2 (in the US tho).. so last Saturday night, my sisters n I watched Drag me to Hell.. the trailer looked scary, but somehow we didn't catch it in the cinema when it premiered, then there were bad reviews of the movie.. my cousin even said that it was funny (hhmm??).. n yeah it was a so-so movie.. although i must confess that i am indeed a scaredy cat, but that movie wasn't really all that scary.. i was more grossed out by the old lady... eeiiwww... then when the movie was over, we watched Poltergeist... any1 remember that movie?? i think at the time i first watched it, it was super scary as the clown IT by Stephen King.. with that lil girl n the tv saying "their baaacckk"... a show of hand for those who think the movie ain't scary... see.. the movie is scary.. or was.. cuz when i watched it again with my sisters, it was a lil funny here n there...the short lady deciding not to go in the closet instead of the mum, "i'll go(mum).. no i'll go, u've never done anything like this before (short lady).. well, neither have u(mum)......... ok(short lady)" n this was supposed to be a nerve wrecking part of the movie.. the climax i guess, right before they got their daughter back..but instead, my elder sister n i were laughing... owh well, i guess fear fades with age...

but it still didn't stop me from getting nightmares later that night.. well, it was more of a dream of ghosts, where i was possessed n someone was trying to exorcise them away but there were still some left inside me... it wasn't really that scary cuz nothing really happened.. i just knew there was something inside me cuz there was a piece of paper showing how many there were n how many were left.. i dun remember being frightened or anything, but i did noe that i want them out (Ghostbusters!! where are u?!?)..

anyway, story of my life.. i noe it's a bore.. but what can u expect from a boring person anyway.. hope ever1 had a nice weekend, n enjoy the rest of the week... another post coming very soon...