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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Not Patriotic Enough

how would u feel if someone said (or maybe accused) u of not being patriotic? honestly i wouldn't really care.. i'm not really sure how patriotic i am anyway.. i do love my country a lot.. if i had the chance to choose which country to live in, i'm not sure what i'll decide cuz even tho i've lived in other countries before, i've lived in Malaysia the longest... so there's not really anything i could base on to compare.. but i'm sure this country is a nice place to live in.. u just have to try to ignore some idiots that makes unnecessary noise every now n then..

so anyway, how do u judge a person's patriotism? does being in the army force prove that u're patriotic? n if so, not being in the force will prove u otherwise? this was a remark made by our Ministry of Defence (or was claimed to be made by him, cuz he denied it).. it's one thing to point this out, but it's another to drag the race issue into this as well... i try not to be racist at sometime (cuz what i learn from the late Kak Min, is that we need to understand one another) n i try to mirror this of her.. we were born this way, n when something is embed in you from a younger age, it becomes a prt of you.. one thing may seem logic to you cuz u belive it, but it won't to others.. n that's how it works.. although, i have to say that everyone is racist in their own way.. as a malay with chinese n indians frens, u might say something racist, n then say "but not u, cuz u're different", but in reality, cina tetap cina, melayu tetap melayu... so insulting a race would generalize it all and everyone in that category should be included... haishhh meroyan plak...

anyway my point is that i totally disagree with his statement... i don't think that the reason why there are less non-malays in the army is cuz they're less patriotic.. i mean even when we're kids, the most famous occupations are doctors or lawyers or any other 'glamorous' jobs that usually result to big paychecks.. out of 10 kids, how many do u noe really wanna grow up to be soldiers or such... oklah, i noe dlu abang n isa nk jd askar, but then isa wanted to be everything including a chef... then how many of those who did wanna be soldiers, actually register as one? abang didn't (at least not yet).. he's taking IT in some university (either Unitar ke ape tah)... actually the only person i noe who is towards being a soldier would be Adi bf shikin.. and i'm looking at a Malay point of view here... what makes the non-malays think any different than us? owh yeah the fact that maybe only Malays can get promoted easily? well who's fault is that? theirs cuz they're of different race?

sometimes i look at all the ppl who's leading this country n think, whut does it really take to be one of them.. maybe not intelligence, but more of hypocrisy or ignorance or the love of power and such... if only there was this humanity-o-meter that could tell whether a person is sincere n honest and really does take the job to better improve the country and what not.. i'm sure most of the jobs will be empty cuz most aren't really eligable.. but then again that's just me... if such a thing would exist, the world wouldn't be the way it is today... there will be no such thing as war cuz we could tell who's evil n could just locked them up till their meters go down (or up, any way is good) crimes will get lesser and lesser by the second.. n this world would really be a better place to live in...but that's just wishfull thinking rite..

maybe it's cuz we dun get to kill as much people as the Americans do?