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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


in the midst of uploading pics here, but in the meantime a lil update on something else... watched the Asean Games last weekend.. mainly badminton.. was bummed that Koo KK lost n mate lost to the Indonesia team... n Chong Wei losing to Lin Dan (coach die handsome hahahaha well at least i think he is the coach) the same night was Arsenal's match, n for the love of my country *rolls-eye* i opted to watch badminton instead of that match... Pink Fabianski?!? seriously?? haishh should i stress more how weak our defence n goallies are?? Wenger really needs to buy at least 1 super reliable keeper in thi coming January transfer window, otherwise, there's no point of fighting for the title when u play this bad... i managed to check it out a bit before half-time n they were leading 2-0... 2-0 tau... n u're suppose to defend after that... not lose to the spurs 2-3!! i've never seen Gareth Bale played before but i guess he must be good player... *sigh* buat sakit hati jer...... we had the chance to be on top, even if it's for a couple of days only... n MU winning didn't help either... I HATE THEM =b even when without Ronaldo there....geram!!!

on another note, Abg Omar n Mohsin started their rounds during the weekend i think (based on what Zain said in FB) sadly, abg omar fell down his horse =( i dun see any updates on that in the paper (or sy je ke yg xbace?) n i 've never seen a recap or anything on showjumping... haishh kalau bab qabil je, mesti ade... naper utk the rest xder?? =b anyway, wishing for the best to both of them, regardless whether they win or not... but please win hahaha

waiting for movies outing again....watched Harry Potter last night.. i think i'll need a marathon to understand the whole movies better... last part of the franchise next year *sob sob*