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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Bowling for Columbine

what would u do, if this would've happened to u?
and when u pray, what will u say?
will i be on ur mind, in that critical time?
will u breathe fast, knowing it might be ur last?

at times like these i start to wonder,
about the beauty of life, that God has to offer,
how sad it is to think that this could all end,
with a terrible mistake done by a friend.

he went rampage, shooting everyone he sees,
not thinking of the consequences, not thinking of me,
i cowered in a corner, fearing the worse,
thanking God that i wasn't his first.

the screams grew louder, i feel him apporaching,
the shots sounds nearer, i know he was coming,
suddenly everything turned pitch black,
i'm pretty sure that's when he attacked.

i counted to five, and was ready to feel the pain,
a minute passed, the waiting was driving me insane,
two minutes passed and i opened my eyes,
and right in front of me, his body lies.

blood splattered, a gunshot to his head,
and suddenly everything went red,
i looked at his face and thought i saw a smile crept,
i couldn't take it so i turned and wept.

it was all over, some may think,
time will pass and the pain will shrink,
well they thought wrong cuz after years passed by,
i'm still alive, but inside i have died.


just read about the Wisconsin shooting and it's devastating to think that something like that actually happened... there's been many incidents throughout the years that are similar... especially the infamous one that happened in Columbine High School that Michael Moore made a documentary about.. n there was the other one in Viginia Tech which had a record of 33 victims.. does the 2nd Ammendment of US constitution help these numbers grow.. i personally think so.. at least it makes owning a gun easier.. since everyone has the rights to own a gun, no one would actually question u when u purchase a gun.. it's not like u have the word murdered or killer or bad guy, written on ur forhead for them to know right.. i just can't imagine if this was implemented in this country.. i don't wanna think about it.....