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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

When It Rains, It Pours

and that's how i feel right now after watching that crappy game this morning.. so not in the mood... i want those golry days back..anyway, managed to finish my Stephanie Plum book last night... owh yeah took me 3 days to finish it.. next up might be Jodi Picoult, but we'll see first.. i'm not so crazy about her books.. Janet books are series so i noe the characters n all.. Lula is one crazylady n Grandma Mazur is a helluva lunatic oldy.. ok the thought of them managed to steer my thoughts away from football for a sec...

anyway, heard this morning that aunty gee's house was broken into.. loads of things stolen, estimated loss about rm15k.. aunty puyah n all slept over with some kids n tok skali so mmg rumah tu pack.. berani plak org tu masuk... they're thinking that dorg kne jampi or something cuz no one noticed the break-in at all.. n there were many ppl sleeping downstairs so it's either that or the intruders were sneaky.. reminded me of that day at PD.. imagine how big our family is n the number of things those ppl got.. handphones mmg letak merata la kt situ with handbags n all... the crazy part was that (i heard la, xtau btol ke x) the police thought it was my mum cuz they found her handbag with everyone's ic in it.. gler ke aper kn huhuhuh

luckily it wasn't one of those psychos who broke into Aunty Gee's house that tie ppl up n have parang ke ape ke.. tok was there so that'll be scary... might visit them tonight.. owh n aunty ozy got snatch last week.. didn't manage to pay her a visit, but alang said she's resting.. hit her head a bit but luckily nothing serious...*sigh*

some ppl are just assholes.. this world will be better off without 'em...