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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Guess where i am now

in the office!! (motif mcm happy??) doing some work in Gamma room, where the screens are bigger, n the chairs are more expensive.. no boss around to bug us.. life would be mush stress-free with a work-life like this =b
esok Broga Hill with the cousins, yeah.. gonna go buy some torch lights later on with my sisters if dorg nk kluar la.. then monday, will be meeting up my college frens.. Anisha is here.. woot!! haven't seen her in more than a year now.. miss her a lot.. hope she'll be fine staying in Hong Kong tho i noe she said is a lil' tough.. u can do it sista hehehe
owh bdw, my Saint got divorce huhuhuh i remember being a high skool girl, drooling over him hahaha siap stalk keta die BEF 240 lg tu.. seen it around ttdi area a couple of times, back when the gang used to lepak at Rasta lamer next to Mobil tu... then this morning, mama showed a picture of him for Al-Hijrah or something.. hotness alert!! =b Amer has been going into that direction with his wife, n mama said he brought his frens along.. (eceh blogging about them mcm dorg kawan jer, padahal xknal) gotta get back to work.. toodles..
what do u feel bout marrying a divorcee with 2 kids?? =b