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Friday, December 10, 2010


do you often stop and look around you? taking in the scene, embracing the moment.. or have you ever sit down across the street, n observe passer-by... wondering about how they live their life and what it would be like to live in their shoes..

or have u ever look at urself? watch how u've grown, from this naive kid, to a rebel teenager, and then maturing into adulthood.. 10 years ago, what would've u expected? 10 years ago, i was 14.. i was in St Anne, n thinking that it'll be ages (n by ages i mean 6 years) till i'll end my teenage years.. got my first period that year, was called a lesbian by some girls, was obsess with Hardy Boyz and Lita.. i didn't put much thought about the future... there's no worrying about what courses i would take, what kinda job i'd like to do, prices hiking up.. u noe, grown up stuff... n now here i am, earning my own money (not necessarily doing what i love to do), getting all frustrated with the price hike (a bit), paying bills n basically trying to support myself (in the minimum way possible)..

to look back to where i've been, what it was like back then, it's just overwhelming to think that we have grown so much.. us as a family, us as frens.. bonds grew tighter, bonds break apart..we've seen happier times, we've been through worse.. and at this moment, in some ways, u feel like u're satisfied by how things turned out to be..
if u could change anything in ur life, what would it be?