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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


so 2011 is approaching fast.. what a year this was.. just like any other year, it's full with ups and downs.. ppl are going on about achieving their resolutions, and planning on making new ones.. i'm not sure whether i made any, cuz i basically never achieve any so why bother right? well, that's how i thought of it all these while.. but really, maybe we do need these targets or goals in life, just so we could feel that sense of accomplishment.. my resolutions have always been the same i think.. working out more n get a tee wee bit more healthy, spending less money and save more.. then there were those back in the days, practise (i mean learning) to play the guitar.. i guess i'm at the point where i need to change some goals.. i thought i made them logic, reasonable n achievable, but who am i kidding right? nevertheless, if i look back at what i've done so far, there might be some accomplishments done here and there..

well for starters, i just bought a car... even thought i didn't save up much to pay off the deposit, i'm thankfull to have my dad for that.. my goal of saving 1000 min a month might have run off its course for certain months but i'm getting the hang of it.. the money left in my bank is in some ways, saticfactional.. but lets not talk about working out... i fail big time in that area.. if there was a skool for exercise, i'd never graduate till i'm 50 =b the Broga Hill trip did prove how unfit i am n i did plan to make it a monthly trip but we'll see.. i dun have high hopes for it, but i'm sure that i'll be taking another trip there next year so yeah, i'll put that on my list...

come to think about it, i think i'll make a list of things to do next year.. i'll still keep 'em achievable, but i won't make it as a weekly or monthly thing.. so here goes, these are the things that i wanna do in 2011:-

1. Climb Broga Hill twice within 1 year period and reaching the 4th peak at least once out of those attempts...

2. Save at least 5000 for the whole year (i've estimated this after paying for bills, my car n other essentials)

3. Have an extensive workout (1 hour straight hahaha) at least 3 times.. (i should mark this down whenever i do make it to an hour straight)

4. Track down my spendings for a whole month (only 12 chances for this, so i gotta do it right)

5. Buy presents for my family on their birthday (there's only 4 anyway)

6. Get my waistline back to 26" =b

7. Fit in my Goggles jeans comfortably (this one jeans used to be loose)

That's all that i could think of for the time being... might update more...anyway, hope u all have a wonderfull n blessed year ahead.