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Friday, December 31, 2010

Name This For Me

it wasn't too long ago that we first met,
it's one of those days that i'll never forget,
you came gracefully and i embraced you,
you were like the rest, the ones that came before you.

now you're slowly fading away,
i can't stop you, i can't make you stay,
you will be replaced by another,
just like how you did with the others.

and just like always, i start to remember,
about the times when they were here,
the sorrows and the joy they bring,
and the possibilities that might lies within.

and just how i treated the others, i'll treat this new one just the same,
with an open mind and another middle name,
they vary from strong, optimistic and happy,
but never fragile, pathetic nor crappy.

you'll never be forgotten,
my dearest two-o-ten,
and so here i am with arms wide open,
here i am, welcoming two-o-eleven.

***Happy New Year All***