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Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Working here in taught me a few new terms.. for example, Spot here means two days.. so whut's happening in two days? RAYA!! Woot!! totally in Raya mood at the moment... today's almost over.. then we have tomorrow which i'm not really looking forwad to (work i mean, not the day itself, off course i'm looking forward to tomorrow, i still wanna be alive... ok merapu..) den we're heading to Selayang n iftar there den takbir raya time.. den RAYA!!! yes, i can't hardly wait.. wanna spend time wif the whole fam... gonna eat a lot.. we're requesting for nasi lemak this year n it's super yummy...

so just wanna wish u all a Happy Hari Raya... make it a meaningful one cuz u'll never noe if it cuold be ur last, or maybe ur loved ones (stop it!!).. be safe and enjoy ur holidays..