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Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Crew

so remember i mentioned yesterday dat we're having a trip to Universal Studio.. well, it's gonna be big.. got the list of names of ppl who's going.. total of 50 ppl so far!! seriously..

*edited 28/05/2012 - i deleted all the names cuz only right now i realised how inappropriate that is and how easy it is for family to goolgle their names and stumbled unto my blog  =b

btol2 cm rombongan sekolah.. n i thought the last trip with 18 of us was a lot.. but unfortunately, there will be others joining us too... there are some name on the list that i dun even recognise but i noe kak long nyer kazen on uncle azman's side will be there n bf Mariam..

but whutever.. i hope we have a hell of a good time...